ZKFair Airdrop Unveiled: A Bonus Amidst the Growing Wave of zkEVM Rewards cover

ZKFair Airdrop Unveiled: A Bonus Amidst the Growing Wave of zkEVM Rewards

Published Jan 12, 2024 by CryptoDiary

We publish different Airdrops every day, which we carefully select and most of all we have guides on tokens that are in the zkEVM network, but ZKFair was even a surprise for us, because it gave users a nice bonus for transactions in LineazkEVMScrollzkSync networks, which allowed at least to recoup some of the costs of accounts. This means that users who have been actively making transactions are now being rewarded with additional tokens, ranging from $20 to $150, thanks to the ZKFair airdrop. But we are still waiting for airdrops from these projects themselves, and you can find guides on them on our Airdrops tab.

Drop Allocation Breakdown For ZKFair Airdrop:

Users on the Polygon zkEVM Chain: A substantial allocation of 800 million ZKF tokens is set aside for users on the Polygon zkEVM chain. Participants will be rewarded based on their gas fee contributions made between 20/10/2023 and 20/12/2023.

Users on Other ZK-Rollup Chains: An allocation of 200 million ZKF tokens is dedicated to users on various ZK-Rollup chains, including zkSync, Scroll, ZKSpace, and Linea. The top 500,000 contributors will receive tokens proportional to their gas fee contributions during the specified period.

Lumoz Loyalty Point Holders: 800 million tokens are reserved to reward Lumoz loyalty point holders, with the allocation based on their proportionate loyalty points earned.

Contributors and Ordinals Community: Code contributors are recognized with an allocation of 200 million ZKF tokens, while 500 million tokens are set aside for all Ordinals token holders.

Understanding zkEVM's Larger Picture:

As excitement builds around the ZKFair airdrop, it's important to recognize that ZKFair is just a piece of the zkEVM puzzle. zkEVM, or Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine, stands out for its innovative approach to enhancing scalability and reducing transaction costs. Within this ecosystem, users are not only beneficiaries of the ZKFair bonus but are also presented with an additional opportunity to participate in the zkEVM airdrop.

ZkEVM Airdrop: An Opportunity Not to Be Missed:

In parallel with the ZKFair bonus distribution, zkEVM has launched its own airdrop program, creating a double whammy of rewards for users actively participating in the network. The zkEVM airdrop is designed to incentivize users who contribute to the growth and vibrancy of the ecosystem by making transactions.

Seizing the Moment:

As the ZKFair bonus continues to flow and the zkEVM airdrop gains momentum, now is the opportune moment for crypto enthusiasts to actively engage in the zkEVM ecosystem. By making transactions, users not only benefit from the ZKFair bonus but also position themselves to reap the rewards of the broader zkEVM airdrop. Stay tuned, participate, and maximize your gains in this thriving blockchain environment.

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