Best Crypto Airdrop Site. Reviews and Examples cover

Best Crypto Airdrop Site. Reviews and Examples

Published Mar 06, 2024 by CryptoDiary

The primary purpose of cryptocurrency projects utilizing airdrops is to popularize their products and services. In an airdrop, a project gives away cryptocurrency for free to users.

Participants who want free cryptocurrencies can monitor the latest cryptocurrency giveaway campaigns on various airdrop crypto sites such as, which ranks among the best.

To avoid worrying about the legitimacy of the projects and to be convinced of the credibility of a particular platform, we have prepared the crypto airdrop sites for your comfort.

Crypto Airdrop Quick Overview

So what do we understand about cryptocurrency airdrops? It is a marketing strategy that is used by most blockchain projects to share tokens or coins with a wide cryptocurrency audience for free.

Setting criteria is intended to encourage an audience to engage in the project. If the participant meets the presented conditions, he provides the address of the cryptocurrency wallet, and the project team distributes the allocated tokens directly to the wallet.

Airdrops are used as a proven and reliable way to raise awareness, promote tokens and coins, and attract potential users to the cryptocurrency community.

zkSync Airdrops Reward $1000-$5000

Meet True Assistants In the Crypto World

Before plunging into the thrilling adventures the crypto world offers, you should be cautious and observant to avoid scams. No matter how exciting and effortless participation in airdrops may be, you can get into trouble even here.

That is why there are relevant platforms that independently conduct checks and collect information. The participants must be calm, choose what they like, and participate. We have prepared a selection of such platforms to help you with this.

It is a crypto airdrop site that provides a wide range of airdrops. Nevertheless, some airdrops that require KYC may cause additional hassle for users. The site offers six types of airdrops: the NFT airdrop, Retroactive DeFi airdrop, Holder airdrop, Potential airdrop, and Latest airdrop.

Airdrop King

A platform that specializes in listing all current airdrops. They can be filtered by criteria such as community rating, potential value, and social media accounts required to participate. The airdrop crypto site stands out because it has step-by-step instructions for each airdrop, which can be used to participate in it and maximize profits.


A platform that allows you to stay up to date with cryptocurrency airdrops. Customizable filters simplify the search. For example, you can only search for airdrops that are currently active on the Ethereum blockchain.

The crypto airdrop site for airdrops was launched in 2018, and today, it hosts hundreds of airdrops. For an additional level of security, the team verifies most of the airdrops listed on the site. They are marked with the "Verified" tag.

Cryptoset is the best crypto airdrop site and the leading source of information about the airdrop opportunities in the cryptocurrency industry. The platform contains all the details on finding the best crypto airdrops, ensuring security, and diving into altcoins and DeFi airdrops. provides a guide to help you comprehend the concept of airdrops and their benefits. Being the best crypto airdrop site, a Cryptoset team offers tips, resources, and tools to assist you in discovering airdrop capabilities from various cryptocurrency projects.


AirdropsMob is another airdrop crypto site with a wide range of airdrops that is updated daily and manually curated. Projects can be filtered by multiple parameters such as cost, rating, etc. Requirements and platform can further sort airdrops. Current and upcoming platform airdrop assaults can be categorized by the difficulty of participation.


The following example of a resource for users curious about airdrops is Airdroprating. The platform informs users about the best airdrops, reviews, and ratings.

The team regularly updates their social media channels and website with information on shenanigans and upcoming air drops. To provide a list of current and forthcoming airdrops, the team also provides recommendations on which airdrops and projects are worth participating in.


AirdropAlert is a platform that was launched in 2017 and provides a solid list of airdrops. The site presents three lists of airdrops: active, past, and future. The team diligently works to verify airdrops and selects them carefully. The platform promotes campaigns on various social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. is the final item on our list of crypto airdrop sites with retroactive airdrops. The platform lets users check whether their Ethereum wallet can participate in any airdrops.

When you enter an address on the Ethereum, Cosmos, BNB or any other EMV-compliant blockchain, the platform will notify you of the availability of airdrops that can be claimed based on blockchain activity.

Ultimate Guide for LayerZero Airdrop Reward

The Benefits of Crypto Airdrop Sites

Airdrops are a widespread marketing strategy blockchain projects use to distribute their tokens to a large audience. They often do this for free.

  • The platform offers a number of features to help you decide which airdrop to join. It will help save your time and effort, and help you avoid scams and low-quality airdrop.

  • Platforms verify the legitimacy of the airdrop. It adds confidence that the airdrop is genuine and worth participating in.

  • Other platforms allow users to leave reviews and ratings about airborne paratroopers. In this way, they can learn about the experiences of other participants and understand which airdrops are the most relevant or successful.

Take advantage of these platforms and keep up to date with the latest airdrops and potentially benefit from the future value of the tokens they distribute.


Crypto enthusiasts and all engaged members of the broad cryptocurrency community, we've gone over the various airdrop crypto sites available for users to discover and participate in airdrops on the cryptocurrency market. Most of these sites have a reputation for providing users with accurate information about the legitimacy of an airdrop.

These platforms deliver various features, such as comprehensive listings, personalized recommendations, ratings, and how-to guides, making it simple for users to navigate and partake in airdrop opportunities.

No matter what users are looking for: cryptocurrency airdrops, NFT airdrops or retroactive DeFi airdrops, – these sites cater to different preferences and requirements.

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