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What is a Crypto Airdrop?

A crypto airdrop refers to the distribution of digital tokens or coins to a particular set of people. This distribution can take place during the introduction of a new project, as part of a promotional effort, or as a means to acknowledge current token holders. Those involved receive these tokens without needing to invest any money. Airdrops are commonly employed to boost awareness of a project, stimulate interest, and motivate individuals to explore the token's features and capabilities.

How do Crypto Airdrops Work?

Crypto airdrops usually demand participants to meet specific criteria or complete certain tasks to qualify for free tokens. The tasks involved can vary, spanning from basic actions such as becoming a member of a project's Telegram group, following them on social media, or registering on their website, to more complex activities like producing articles, crafting videos, or actively contributing to the project's growth. After fulfilling these prerequisites, participants usually have to furnish their wallet address to receive the airdropped tokens, with the distribution process differing based on the specific project's procedures. Some airdrops distribute tokens instantly, while others have specific distribution dates or require participants to claim their tokens within a given timeframe.

Top Upcoming Crypto Airdrops

Layer Zero facilitates cross-chain applications through an inter-chain communication protocol on Omnichain, connecting various blockchain networks for secure infrastructure sharing.
zkSync, a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, offers a faster and more efficient experience using a modified ZK-rollup, the Opportunity protocol, and HyperChains. A zkSync token airdrop is possible as they plan to support ecosystem growth through this release. To enhance eligibility, engage with zkSync's products, join the zkSync2.0 testnet, and utilize zkSync 1.0.
Starknet, a zero-knowledge Layer 2, integrates account abstraction, enabling novel dApp interactions. Anticipate a Starknet token release, and to boost eligibility, install the Starknet wallet Argent X, bridge funds into Starknet, and engage with live dApps.
Zora has made one of the foremost consistent apps for anybody to transfer, mint, and share NFTs. Numerous devotees presently compare them to WordPress or Shopify, companies that make a once hard-to-do errand (hosting blogs or E-commerce projects, individually) simple for the normal client.
Polygon zkEVM
Polygon zkEVM is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that leverages the power of zero-knowledge proof scaling while maintaining Ethereum compatibility, similar to zkSync and Linea. Polygon zkEVM developers and users can use the same code, tools, and applications they use on Ethereum, but with higher throughput and much lower fees.

You can check how to participate in Top Upcoming Crypto Airdrops and many other promising projects on our Airdrops page, in our Telegram Channel, Discord Server and in our Twitter!

Why Should Crypto Projects Create Airdrops?

Airdrops serve as an effective method to raise awareness and interest in a particular project. As previously mentioned, to take part, individuals need to follow the project's social media profiles, become members of their Telegram group, and include their wallet address in their profile. These actions also lead to users promoting the project within their own networks, thereby enhancing the reputation of the crypto token. Additionally, the more holders the project gains, the more favorable the statistics become for the crypto project.

How to participate in crypto airdrops and retrodrops?

Users can discover Airdrops, which typically include popular social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and more. The situation is no different for Retrodrop. To identify projects that might eventually offer Retrodrops, follow these steps: conduct market research, sift through available information, create a list of projects, and start engaging with them by performing similar tasks that have earned Airdrops in previous projects. Use the following criteria: the project should ideally be blockchain-based, have received substantial investment, and not yet have its own token. If you wish to take part in Airdrops, it's essential to identify these projects before they launch. However, at Cryptoset, we've already done the work for you by curating the best Crypto Airdrops and Retrodrops. You can find them on the Airdrop page, Telegram Channel, Discord Server and in our Twitter.

Are Airdrops a Good Investment of Money and Time?

Participating in airdrops can be a valuable use of your time and can even be a financial investment, especially when you can participate in high-quality airdrops that have the opportunity to generate good profits. In any case, it is basic to realize that airdrops don't have uniform esteem; A few may be tricks or offer constrained benefits, whereas others have the potential to create noteworthy benefits. Furthermore, joining airdrops can be demanding in terms of time and may necessitate completing various tasks or sharing personal information. Therefore, it's essential to carefully assess each airdrop opportunity before dedicating your time or resources.

How to Hunt the Best Airdrops to Earn Money?

To identify the most lucrative airdrops for profit, conducting thorough research is essential.Look for projects with strong teams, clear visions, and solid growth strategies. Additionally, when evaluating airdrops, consider the following factors: Tokenomics: Tokenomics pertains to how tokens are distributed, their total supply, and their utility. Look for airdrops with limited token supplies, a clearly defined use case, and high demand in the market. Eligibility Criteria: Certain airdrops may require participants to meet specific prerequisites, such as holding particular tokens or completing designated tasks. Ensure that you meet these eligibility requirements before participating. Credibility: Investigate the project's team to confirm their reputation within the industry. Additionally, prioritize airdrops with transparent and well-documented distribution processes. Growth Potential: Identify projects with detailed growth plans and strong community support. This can be an indication of the project's likelihood of success and whether the value of the airdropped tokens will increase over time. Cryptoset has taken care of selecting the best projects from a wide selection. You can verify and explore these selected projects on our Airdrop page, within our Telegram Channel, Discord Server and Twitter!

Cryptoset GG - Ultimate Place for best crypto airdrops 2024

Crypto airdrops are a great way to get yourself a free crypto. Whether you are an experienced investor or a chad only starting your crypto journey, everyone doesn't mind benefiting from a solid airdrop. However, sometimes it may seem confusing to find and join a free token distribution, especially for beginners. Luckily, has everything you may need to find and participate in a legitimate crypto airdrop.

Everything You May Need to Know About crypto airdrops is Here

Airdrop is a process of distribution of free coins to a certain number of people for free. The process is done by a crypto project and is aimed to expand their engaged follower base, and increase their token holders community. For many people, crypto airdrop may become a good opportunity to discover crypto and to start their journey. For those who are already onboard - a great way to expand their portfolio with some new free tokens. However, it is not all positive. If you see some project airdrops crypto and you are thinking of participating, you should be aware that you may be at risk of being scammed. Scammers may use airdrops to lure people into giving away their seed phrase or other sensitive information. In order not to get into a fall prey to fraudsters, you as an investor should do your own research before jumping in and follow these simple steps:

  1. Always check the project's official social media pages. Every airdrop crypto website is always promoted by their creators on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram etc. Make sure to check project’s pages before getting in, as important information you should know is always described in promotional posts. Following such pages also helps you to stay tuned with the latest news and updates about new crypto airdrops. Additionally, thanks to finding official communities is as easy as never before! Click here to open Communities section!
  2. It is a good practice to check online tracking websites before diving in. There are a wide variety of such websites available on the Internet. Such platforms often list all the latest new crypto airdrops or offer up-to-date tools for you to be able to check any project you want. On we also offer a variety of useful crypto tools, including those, which can be used for project auditing. Head over to Crypto Tools section to find them out!
  3. Other great ways to check the legitimacy of the airdrop are Reddit communities and crypto websites. Independent users or crypto news websites may post their research and feedback about upcoming airdrops. You can use this information in your favor. What is more, if you are looking for a site you can trust, look no further! On our team puts a lot of time and effort daily to list all the latest free token distribution options. On our website you can only find trusted airdrops, which are tested and verified by our experts team manually, to ensure you are safe from scams.

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Our Airdrops section is an ultimate place for new airdrop on crypto opportunities. Manually gathered from hundreds of sources from the Internet, we list all the latest and the most profitable options in one place. Moreover, on Cryptoset GG we also share our experience and useful insights on how you can find the best crypto airdrops 2024, secure your data and claim free rewards from different events. Stay tuned and you definitely won’t miss a single possibility to claim your token rewards. Here is what you can find on Cryptoset:

  1. Tons of useful crypto airdrops information. On our website almost everyone can find relevant airdrop information. You can learn fundamentals of researching and joining events or find advanced tips or tools if you are an experienced chad. Additionally, we also offer comprehensive guides for every airdrop from our listing for your convenience.
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Here is an airdrops crypto list with some projects which are highly interesting when it comes to possible airdrops and are listed on

ZKEVM - Unraveling the Future

Wondering what ZKEVM is and how it's shaping the blockchain landscape? Explore the ins and outs of this cutting-edge technology and understand its significance in the world of crypto and smart contracts.

Polygon ZKEVM Integration

Stay updated on the integration of Polygon with ZKEVM, offering scalability solutions and enhancing the Ethereum ecosystem. Dive into the details and explore how this partnership is changing the game.

Stay Informed with Manifold

Manifold crypto is making waves with its innovative approach. Discover the latest developments and insights into Manifold's contribution to the crypto world and how it's pushing the boundaries of what's possible. The project also looks promising in terms of rewards also among new crypto airdrops.

Swell Crypto - Riding the Waves

Learn about Swell crypto and its potential for investors. Get insights into its unique features and how it's making a splash in the world of decentralized finance.

Zora Crypto - The Future of Digital Ownership

Explore the world of Zora crypto and find out how it's revolutionizing digital ownership. On a Cryptoset we published details of this extremely exciting project and its implications for artists, creators, and collectors.

LiFi and Orbiter Finance

Delve into LiFi technology and Orbiter Finance, where crypto and innovation intersect. Stay tuned on the latest developments and how they change the way we connect and transact. The project has a huge potential to become one of the best airdrop in crypto so don’t miss it out!

Linea and Arbitrum Nova - Trailblazers in Scalability

Linea and Arbitrum Nova are trailblazers in scalability solutions. Learn how they overcome blockchain scalability barriers, improving the accessibility and efficiency of blockchain applications.

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