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Biggest Airdrops In Crypto

Published Mar 04, 2024 by CryptoDiary

Discover Biggest Airdrops in Crypto

Hey, crypto enthusiasts! We know you consider airdrops a low-risk bridge with minimal obligations to enter web3. Moreover, those involved in the crypto industry for a long time already know that airdrops are an excellent opportunity to earn a solid income for little money.

Crypto Airdrops are a quick and reliable way for projects to engage their target audience. is a trusted friend that will acquaint you with all the most relevant airdrops today.

We will review a range of the biggest airdrops in crypto that have collectively distributed over $2 billion worth of cryptocurrencies.

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Top 10 Airdrops That Hit the History

The list of the biggest crypto airdrops presented below will be beneficial for founders, developers, token designers, and marketers to learn from. However, even beginner enthusiasts can examine them to formulate their airdrop strategy.


It is DEX, a worldwide cryptocurrency marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. It enables direct trading without the involvement of intermediaries. What sets Uniswap apart from other centralized exchanges is that it doesn't force you to give away your account key. Transactions are faster and cheaper because blockchain is used instead of the complex back-end systems of traditional banks.

On September 17, 2020, Uniswap distributed UNI dollars to more than 250,000 platform users who had received at least $400 in UNI tokens by September 1, 2020.


The next instance of the biggest airdrop crypto is the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform that offers ongoing trading options for over 35 popular cryptocurrencies. dYdX provides easy access for any user with an internet connection to participate in trading operations on the exchange.


Arbitrum is a Layer 2 scalability technology for the Ethereum blockchain that facilitates fast smart contract transactions and reduces transaction costs. The platform has given 12.75% of all tokens to those involved in the network over the past year.


ApeCoin completes our list of the biggest crypto airdrops. Managed by the ApeCoin DAO, it operates on the Ethereum blockchain. Helping users make decisions in decentralized autonomous organizations (ApeDAO). The token distribution amounted to 150,000,000 APE (15% of the total supply). The number of tokens per application is up to 10,950 APE.

Ethereum Name Service

The ENS is the biggest crypto airdrop and a phone book of the Ethereum blockchain. To avoid interacting with complex strings of numbers and letters, ENS has given the Ethereum address an easy-to-remember name. It simplifies the work with web3.

ENS uses a team of assistants called nodes to turn these complex Ethereum addresses into plain names. It makes it much easier to use Ethereum applications and services. There is no need to deal with confusing addresses.


BONK is a dog-themed coin that sparked a stir in the Solana network. As a result, the Solana ecosystem has grown in liquidity. The evolution of BONK's price is an impressive turning point in the spectrum of meme coins, just like the success stories of SHIB and DOGE. The coin brought freshness and novelty to the Solana ecosystem.

Internet Сomputer

The Internet computer is the next biggest crypto airdrop in history, and its uniqueness comes from its unique chain key technology. Its advantage is that it can quickly handle tons of data and scale to millions of computers.

Some of the challenges that an Internet computer faces are increasing security, protecting your personal information, and breaking the monopoly of Internet giants. Approximately $1.737 billion in tokens were distributed.


What is the significance of Celestia as the biggest airdrop crypto? Celestia is a modular blockchain network designed to empower developers and provide a robust infrastructure for building and maintaining blockchain. It offers other blockchains the ability to use Celestia as a data availability and consensus layer. It can process many transactions rapidly and ensure that all data is highly secure.


Another cool project to fill the ranks of the biggest airdrops in crypto is LooksRare. It is an NFT marketplace that aims to help people passionate about trading, collecting, and creating. Built on Ethereum, LooksRare keeps things simple with a single-chain setup. You can purchase any Ethereum-based NFT directly on LooksRare.

1inch Network

The biggest crypto airdrop 1inch Network completes our list. It is a cryptocurrency exchange, but not an average one. It is a brilliant assistant that scans all the cool places to exchange digital assets for the best deals. It is convenient for people who provide liquidity.

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What Brings An Airdrop of Success?

From the perspective of cryptocurrencies, the biggest crypto airdrop in history is a great marketing trick that aims to introduce a new virtual currency to a broad audience.

  1. The success of an airdrop is determined to a large extent by its strategic planning. It includes thoughtful beneficiary selection, targeting those already involved in the cryptocurrency community.

  2. Focusing on those engaged increases the probability that the airdrop will lead to meaningful engagement.

  3. The number and value of tokens distributed should be carefully calibrated.

  4. Community involvement is another critical factor. A strong community facilitates the rapid dissemination of information and increases the credibility and value of the token.

  5. It is crucial  to clearly define the purpose behind airdrop, whether it is to reward loyal supporters, attract new users, or decentralize token distribution, it should be transparent and in line with the overall mission of the cryptocurrency project.

Considering all these points, you will take care of getting into the profitable, reliable airdrop. Do additional research if required, and don’t hesitate to open new possibilities.

Wrapping Up

We can admit that the biggest airdrops in history have accomplished their goal. We have figured out that they were discussed and remembered. To keep up with all the current events in the crypto world, in which the launch of the most relevant airdrops is currently being held, we invite you to use the handy platform, where you can find all the necessary details for participation in your preferable airdrop.

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