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What are you waiting for? Browse the available Airdrops right now and use your chance to be eligible for the most-rewarded airdrops of crypto market. Free digital assets are waiting to be collected, don’t miss the train. Moreover, on Cryptoset we also gather popular crypto communities of Twitter, Reddit and Telegram in Communities section and find the most advanced crypto tools for trading, marketing, mining and yield farming (Crypto Tools section). Make sure to check them up too!

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Are you looking to score some free crypto? Or maybe you are willing to get into cryptocurrency trading or mining but do have funds to make your first investment? Or are you the one who lost your previous investments and have no possibility to start over and get back to riches? We are glad to inform you that you've come to the right place! At, we provide our users with a possibility to earn free cryptocurrency for doing simple tasks which may be a great solution for growing your portfolio. Sure you can earn and receive free tokens through various means like Airdrops, Bounties or Referral programs, but on our website we offer you free coin completely for free with not much of your time spent daily. Welcome to Freebies - a page designed to help both newcomers and advanced investors looking for profitable opportunities. get their hands on some free coins without any hassle.

The difference between free airdrops and free freebies

If you are a returning customer of our website you may be confused why Airdrops are different from Freebies. On the first glance, the definitions seem to be identical as both of them are processes of getting free coin credited with no fiat currency investment. However, taking a deeper look, difference among these concepts is completely obvious. As on Cryptoset we offer both options, we can explain exactly so keep on reading.

The main difference between the two entities is the source of rewards. Free crypto airdrops are opportunities provided by the project runners. Airdrop is a process of giving off free tokens to a community held with marketing purposes. Receiving an airdrop you basically earn crypto without doing any investments. Founders of the project also benefit from such activities as by receiving free airdrop users tent to create hype around the project and cause even more people to take a look and make their investments. As an experience shows, giving off a free coin gains your project a new user, which is basically much more valuable. Simple math, which is profitable for both parties.

On the other hand, there are freebies - opportunities which you can find on Cryptoset which are not too much like Airdrops. Basically, these are occasions to get free crypto for doing simple tasks on Cryptoset. We are creating a list of actions we are interested to get done and reward you with a wide variety of coins for doing that. We are not getting these funds from the original founders or directly from project management. You can consider this as a fair day's pay for a fair day's work, simple as that. Unlike free airdrops participating in such tasks usually does not involve completing multiple tasks divided into steps and interactions, it is a simple couple of clicks which gains you some free crypto. It is also worth mentioning that from Freebies section you can receive different crypto at once. Airdrops only earn you one certain coin with no option to choose (apart from trading after receiving for reward). We offer a bit more freedom in terms of that which we consider to be a plus for users.

Now you understand the difference between the definitions and you are ready to jump in. Luckily, on you can find both Airdrops and Freebies so you can choose the preferred way for you or simply jump in both. We are working daily to provide you with all the latest and the most profitable opportunities of free digital assets online.

What are other popular ways to earn free cryptocurrency

Spending some time searching you can find tons of opportunities around the Internet right now. Attracting new users/customers/buyers is crucial for every business so sometimes projects are ready to pay just to get you onboard. In a world of such opportunities Cryptoset is your digest of free tokens options you may like.


Crypto giveaways are another extremely popular way to earn free cryptocurrency. These are typically promotional campaigns where users can join to win free coins, discounts or a variety of other prizes. Even though chances to win are usually extremely low there still is a reason to participate as you never know when luck is going to be on your side. Participation usually involves the simplest task possible such as following social media or leaving a comment, which gives you a 1 to 1000 or 10 000 chance to win. In simple words, the tasks are easier than in free airdrop crypto, but at the same time chances of getting rewarded are significantly lower. On we often provide such giveaways. Check out the Giveaways section, maybe there is one going right now when you are reading this.

Referral Programs

Many cryptocurrency projects or exchanges offer referral bonuses that allow users to earn rewards for inviting new users to the platform. There are various models such as one-time welcome bonus or boosters and interest from each trade of referral. This is how platforms organically grow their user base as the profile you refer to is most likely a human with similar interest who tends to like and use the platform. By sharing your referral link with friends, family, and followers, not only you can earn rewards and increase your crypto holdings over time, but also a profile you have invited gets solid welcome rewards. Unfortunately, most of such occasions are limited-period so you should keep an eye on such deals and get referrals registered quickly in order not to miss your free cryptocurrency. On Cryptoset we have such promotions gathered in Deals section so check them out now.


Finally, there are faucets. Everyone hates watching ads while on the Internet. Advertising banners are often too distracting, may cover contents or sometimes may interrupt you from watching content for a few seconds (popup windows). However, some people may get free crypto for watching some ads with faucets. So crypto faucets are websites or apps that reward users with tokens for completing easy tasks or viewing advertisements. It may sound crazy but if you invest enough of your time daily in doing such tasks and watching ads, you may get yourself a steady stream of income which may sometimes be better than free airdrops. After gaining a certain amount the platforms usually allow withdrawing directly to your wallet. However, everyone thinking of participating in this type opportunities should be extremely cautious about scam and phishing websites which are a big threat to personal information or wallet details. To be able to sleep peacefully at night we highly recommend you participating in opportunities available on Cryptoset. Our team always does research on everything we get posted so you are definitely safe.

This is what you may find on the Internet in terms of easy tokens. With you can get free crypto daily without any risks or hassle. You are free to check all the useful information we have prepared for you.

Freebies on cryptoset - worth trying way to get free tokens

Freebies page is a great choice for those who are tired of or already participated in all the available free crypto airdrops. These are gold mines where you get assets for doing a simple job. Even though it still requires some activity from you, we believe we offer some solid solutions to grow and diversify your portfolio. For everyone else, we also have some refined free airdrops listed and giveaways going. You are free to choose what you like more and we are glad to welcome you on Cryptoset.