What is LayerZero
LayerZero is a groundbreaking protocol designed to address the challenge of interoperability among blockchains.
Join Automated Airdrops
Reward per user:
$500 - $5000
263.3M USDT

LayerZero Airdrop: Earn Tokens Easily!

Step 1: Interact with Stargate Finance
  1. Purchase Stargate's $STG token on either centralized crypto exchanges like Bybit or decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, with the option to buy for as little as $0.74;

  2. Consider staking a minimum of 25 $STG tokens to acquire specific guild roles. Staking provides the opportunity to earn $veSTG, granting voting power on Stargate's staking platform. Staking periods can vary from 1 to 36 months. Explore different pools and farms on the staking page to maximize $STG yields;

  3. Participate in Liquidity Pools, selecting your preferred pool, and adding liquidity. You have the flexibility to remove liquidity at any time through the "Remove" tab. As a reward, you receive LP tokens that can be farmed to earn additional $STG. Refer to the provided guide for more details;

  4. Stay actively involved in governance by regularly voting on proposals. To ensure you don't miss any voting opportunities, consider enabling notifications. This active participation contributes to the overall governance of the Stargate ecosystem.

Step 2: Interact with Stargate Bridge

Engage with decentralized applications (dApps) like Stargate Finance's Stargate Bridge by consistently bridging your assets across different networks to create transaction volume. Simply choose the "from" token and network, the "to" token and network, and verify your transaction to participate in this process.

Advice how to save cost when using Stargate Bridge:

  1. Avoid transferring assets to or from the Ethereum network, as it typically incurs higher costs.

  2. Opt for cost-saving alternatives when using the Stargate Bridge for transfers. Consider utilizing the following networks for transfers: BNB/AVAX, BNB/MATIC, BNB/FTM, BNB/METIS, AVAX/MATIC, AVAX/FTM, AVAX/METIS, MATIC/FTM, ARB/BNB, ARB/AVAX, ARB/MATIC, and FTM/METIS.

  3. Prior to initiating any asset transfers, check the estimated gas cost by clicking on the "Transfer Gas Estimator" to ensure transparency and to make informed decisions regarding the associated costs.

Step 3: Use Stargate on Bungee
Bridge tokens on Bungee using the Stargate route.
Step 4: Use the USDC LayerZero Bridge
  1. You can use the USDC LayerZero bridge to transfer USDC between EVM chains.

USDC Goerli Contract Address: 0x07865c6E87B9F70255377e024ace6630C1Eaa37F

USDC Avax Contract Address: 0x5425890298aed601595a70AB815c96711a31Bc65

Step 5: Use the Aptos Bridge

The Aptos Bridge, powered by LayerZero, facilitates the movement of USDC, USDT, and ETH from Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, Polygon, and BSC to the Aptos network. Connect your EVM wallet (e.g., MetaMask) and Aptos wallet (e.g., Martian wallet), then select the desired cryptocurrencies and networks. Keep in mind that a 3-day transfer window applies if you intend to withdraw funds from the Aptos ecosystem. Additionally, gas fees must be paid in Aptos $APT tokens.

Advice: For the most cost-effective use of the Aptos Bridge, move USDC from the BNB Chain to the Aptos network. Ensure you have USDC and BNB (for gas fees) in your EVM wallet, such as MetaMask. Additionally, have $APT in your Martian wallet to cover the associated gas fees.

Step 6: Use the LiquidSwap Bridge

Visit LiquidSwap Bridge to transfer USDT and ETH from Ethereum or Arbitrum to the Aptos network. Connect your EVM wallet (e.g., MetaMask) and Aptos wallet (e.g., Martian wallet), select the desired cryptocurrency and network for token bridging (Ethereum/Arbitrum to Aptos or vice versa). Keep in mind that gas fees must be paid in Aptos $APT tokens.

Step 7: Use LEVEL Finance Bridge

LEVEL Finance, operating as a decentralized perpetual exchange on the BNB Chain, offers risk management solutions for liquidity providers. Developed by experienced entrepreneurs and contributors, LEVEL requires users to acquire their native $LVL token from decentralized exchanges like Uniswap or Pancakeswap. Subsequently, utilize the LEVEL Bridge to transfer $LVL tokens between the BNB Chain and Arbitrum. Be aware that the direction of bridging will determine whether you need BNB or ETH to cover gas fees.

Step 8: Use SushiSwap Cross-Chain Swap

SushiSwap has introduced SushiXSwap, constructed on the LayerZero's Stargate protocol. This platform enables direct token swaps between networks without the need for a bridge. Consequently, users stand a good chance of being eligible for a $ZRO token airdrop!

Step 9: Use Bitcoin Bridge
  1. Buy BTC.b on Trader Joe;

  2. Connect your EVM and Aptos wallets on Bitcoin Bridge;

  3. Bridge assets between different networks.

Step 10: Use Rage Trade
Rage Trade is a dual-component trading protocol that provides a continuous ETH swap and a USDC yield-farming solution developed on Arbitrum and LayerZero.
Step 11: Use Altitude
Altitude is a decentralized application (dApp) created on LayerZero, specifically crafted to empower DeFi users with advanced security features, cost-effective bridging fees, and swift transaction processing for asset transfers.
Step 12: Engage with Dexalot
Dexalot, a decentralized exchange utilizing LayerZero as its default bridge provider, requires users to have ETH on the Arbitrum network and AVAX on the Avalanche network. Connect your wallet to Dexalot and navigate to the "Portfolio" tab, ensuring you are on the Avalanche network. At the bottom of the page, view your tokens, select AVAX, and click the three points on the right side. In the popup window, deposit AVAX onto Dexalot. However, be mindful that depending on the deposited AVAX amount, the gas fees for withdrawal may exceed the deposited amount, requiring consideration of potential losses for engaging with Dexalot.
Step 13: Interact with Abracadabra
Abracadabra, integrated with Layer Zero, offers users the ability to borrow, leverage, or earn yield. To engage with Abracadabra, you must possess their native $MIM token. Purchase $MIM from decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, Sushiswap, or Trader Joe. Ensure you are on the Avalanche network; otherwise, bridge your $MIM tokens there first. On Abracadabra, transfer one $MIM token from Avalanche to the Arbitrum network. If you prefer not to retain your $MIM tokens, you can sell them for ETH on Arbitrum.
Step 14: Use SteakHut Finance
SteakHut Finance, a yield optimization protocol, has collaborated with LayerZero to introduce $STEAK as a cross-chain token. On SteakHut, $STEAK can be seamlessly bridged across platforms like Avalanche, Arbitrum, and potentially other blockchains at a 1:1 ratio. To utilize SteakHut, start by acquiring $STEAK tokens on the Avalanche Network, currently available through Trader Joe. Subsequently, link your wallet to SteakHut and navigate to the "Bridge" tab. Transfer your $STEAK tokens from Avalanche to Arbitrum, and vice versa, to increase your interactions with SteakHut, potentially enhancing your eligibility for any future airdrops. Keep in mind that gas fees in AVAX will be incurred during these transactions.
Step 15: Interact with Mummy Finance
Mummy Finance, integrated with LayerZero, facilitates trading of various cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, FTM, OP, ARB, with leverage of up to 100x. To engage with Mummy Finance, start by purchasing their native $MMY tokens on the Arbitrum network. Subsequently, use the Mummy bridge to transfer your tokens from Arbitrum to the Fantom network. Be aware that transferring back or selling $MMY tokens may incur higher gas fees, potentially resulting in a loss, so consider this when interacting with Mummy Finance.
Step 16: Engage with Holograph
  1. Navigate to the Holograph App.

  2. Connect your wallet for a seamless experience, with a preference for Arbitrum due to its economical gas fees.

  3. Choose the "Create" option and navigate to the "Single NFTs" section.

  4. Click on the "Create Collection" button.

  5. A form will appear; furnish all necessary details for your collection.

  6. Save your input by selecting the "Save" button.

  7. Deploy your collection by clicking the "Deploy" button.

  8. Specify the network on which you want to deploy.

  9. Confirm the transaction to finalize your action.

  10. Initiate the process by selecting "Create NFTs."

  11. A comprehensive form will be presented; accurately complete it.

  12. Save your progress by clicking the "Save" button.

  13. Now, it's time to formalize it. Click on "Mint" and then confirm by pressing the "Confirm" button.

  14. Under the "Bridge" option, locate the "NFT Bridge" section and click on it.

  15. Specify the initial and final networks.

  16. Choose the NFT you want to bridge from the available options.

  17. Solidify your actions by clicking the "Bridge" button.

Step 17: Interact with other dApps on LayerZero

Explore various decentralized applications (dApps) on LayerZero, such as Mugen FinanceRadiant CapitalOmni X, or Angle Protocol. Engage in activities like small transactions, fund deposits, liquidity provision, asset swapping, and more within the ecosystem. Consistent and active participation in the platform increases the likelihood of being rewarded by LayerZero for genuine interaction with its ecosystem.

Step 18: Get roles on the Stargate Guild
  1. Link your Ethereum wallet to Stargate Guild.

  2. Attain the veStaker role by holding a minimum of 25 $veSTG. Achieve this by purchasing at least 25 $STG from platforms like BybitBinance, or Uniswap. Subsequently, stake your $STG to obtain $veSTG. 

  3. Obtain the 100 STG role by possessing a minimum of 100 $STG. Please note that staked $STG does not contribute to this requirement.

  4. To qualify for the 1k LP Farmer role, supply at least $1,000 of USDC, USDT, or BUSD on platforms like Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, or Fantom (excluding Metis) to receive LP tokens.

Are you willing to learn more about the ways to get some $ZRO tokens and be a participant of an amazing project? Your search is over! LayerZero is a combination of AI, Farming, and Blockchain techs that delivers a decentralized and seamless crypto ecosystem. Cryptoset.gg is your friend that will acquaint you with all the most relevant airdrops today.

Overall, getting involved in the LayerZero airdrop doesn't involve any difficulties. Simply adhere to some simple steps, and instantly, you will start earning $ZRO tokens and joining this groundbreaking community. But first, let us quickly go through what airdrops are and how they function.

In the world of crypto, airdrops are like freebies. It is when many wallets receive tokens or coins (so there’s no need to opt for a LayerZero token sale: you can get them for free!). Frequently it is done to advertise new projects or create interest among people. Participating in an airdrop can be a good chance to explore new digital currency and maybe grab some free tokens.

Let's now go through every step together.

Go to the Airdrop Site

To begin with, you have to go to the airdrop website of your choice. This is where you'll get all the information about the airdrop.

Wallet Connection

Then, while on the airdrop site, make sure that you connect your wallet. Verify if there is a wallet that supports a LayerZero crypto token.

The most prevalent wallet people use for this is Metamask. It is an extension of the browser that puts Ethereum-based tokens and decentralized apps in one's direct control.

If you do not have a Metamask, no worries! You can get it from their official site. After setting it up, ensure it's connected to your Ethereum account containing some money.

Getting What You Want

Now that your wallet is good, go claim your LayerZero airdrop. The steps are simple; follow them on this page and make sure you fulfill all their requirements and eligibility for airdrops as they request.

All you need to do after that is be patient, as the tokens will come. On the airdrop site, there is also distribution schedule and allocation details which can be helpful in keeping track of things.

Don't miss this incredible chance to become one of LayerZero's members and earn yourself $ZRO coins. Take action NOW and be part of tomorrow's decentralized tech!

LayerZero: in Detail

LayerZero is out to shake up the blockchain industry. Its goal? To solve problems like scalability and sustainability — issues that have plagued blockchain technology from day one. With LayerZero, the team aims to counteract some of the challenges faced by current blockchain networks with their slow transaction speeds, expensive fees and notoriously bad energy efficiency. By implementing new-age solutions, they hope to create a next-gen infrastructure that’s efficient for both users and creators.

One of the best things about LayerZero is its ability to validate transactions quickly without wasting too much time or energy. Transaction backlogs are common in traditional blockchains because it takes them so long to go through everything. When you try to make changes with these outdated systems, you’ll see delays, increased fees and do more harm than good most of the time. But not here. The team has come up with a way to fix it by combining elements from Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithms into a single consensus mechanism.

This combination enhances network security while addressing challenges related to scalability, allowing for more throughput every second by LayerZero. The LayerZero token price has not yet been announced. 

The recent funding round for LayerZero, backed by notable investors including Christie's, Samsung, and OpenSea, highlights the groundbreaking potential of the LayerZero protocol. LayerZero Labs, the creator of the protocol, has achieved a significant milestone by securing $120 million in its Series B funding round.

LayerZero: Why Popular?

Due to its sophisticated technology and ambitious goals, the LayerZero token has become one of the industry's buzzwords. It has smart developers and experts who can do it all; thus, LayerZero will remain relevant in the blockchain sector as we know it now (the LayerZero crypto price has not been announced, but once it is, you can also consider purchasing it yourself). 

Testnet launch is a significant leap forward for LayerZero because it means they are making tangible progress while sticking to their plans. If you really want to see how serious they are about their ambition of changing everything in the game, just jump into LayerZero and try out their testnet.

Overall, blockchain fans have an opportunity to try something different with LayerZero. The company aims at modifying fatal developments such as changing consensus mechanisms and launching an attractive testnet that we've just mentioned. 

Eligibility Criteria & Prizes

The project team sets specific requirements which should be met if you decide to take part in the airdrop organized by LayerZero team. They might include things like owning a particular number of certain types of coins or being active on selected online forums, among others. 

As for what you'll get, it depends on each individual case but is not uniform across all participants, whereby some may give everyone an equal amount while others will be given out depending on how many such coins you own. To be informed, follow the news updates.

How to Participate 

Want your $ZRO tokens from the LayerZero crypto airdrop? Let's generalize what you should do:

LayerZero Airdrop: Easy Steps Guide

Join LayerZero's Discord Community

  • Go to the LayerZero Discord and become one with the community.

  • Be active; it will increase your chances of getting rewards.

  • Remember that Discord is full at this moment, so don't complain; they have plans to expand very soon.

Utilize LayerZero's Bridges for Seamless Transactions

Use Aptos Bridges

  • Get a Potem Network wallet; it's similar to the MetaMask wallet setup.

  • Go to theaptosbridge.com/bridge and connect your wallets.

  • Bridge your ETH between different chains weekly for potential rewards.

Explore Liquid Swap

  • Go to bridge.liquidswap.com and follow the same steps you took on Aptos Bridges.

  • Add liquidity to USDC-USDT pair for rewards.

Engage with Stargate Finance for Token Management

  • Transfer tokens between networks easily.

  • Boost your rewards by adding liquidity to pools.

  • Acquire $STG tokens for governance purposes.

Bridge with Layer Zero's Platform

  • Transfer ETH from layer 2 networks to Goerli regularly for potential rewards.

Contribute Liquidity for Enhanced Participation

  • Swap your ETH for GETH and provide liquidity on Arbitrum Network through Uniswap.

  • Remember that you need to bridge your ETH from layer 2 networks to Goerli as well.

Withdraw Liquidity When Needed

  • Easily remove liquidity by going into Uniswap's pools.

The LayerZero airdrop is an amazing chance to get some $ZRO tokens. Please remember that you have to meet the standards, stay tuned in, do your assignments, and submit them properly. Finally, just be patient and watch your tokens land into your wallet. Observe these instructions so that you increase your probability of receiving your portion of $ZRO tokens.

Advantages of owning $ZRO Crypto

In addition to some reasons why you should consider purchasing some $ZRO tokens (once available), are these:

  1. Potential: Just like any other cryptocurrencies, the value of $ZRO could increase as time goes by. That’s why many enthusiasts are interested in a LayerZero token sale. It is possible for it to rise in value if more people embrace it and more projects get built on its network.

  2. Jump into DeFi – enjoy the benefits. Also, being one kind of token on the Ethereum blockchain means that $ZRO can be used with various decentralized finance (Defi) stuff, for example, farming, staking, and earning rewards, which is what people want.

  3. Collect more tokens: Hold onto your $ZRO coins during a snapshot and you may be rewarded with additional freebies. For instance, snapshots are taken when your ZRO holdings are recorded and based on that you could receive extra tokens or rewards.

  4. Using LayerZero: If you own ZRO coins, then you have a ticket to LayerZero crypto club. Here is what it entails: network tracker to track how LayerZero is doing, contract checker, farming and staking tools as well as several developer resources on GitHub.

  5. Pre-release information: As a holder of a LayerZero token, you will have insider knowledge regarding all things happening concerning LayerZero, even before everyone else does. This way, you can make investment decisions based on the details earlier than anyone else in the market.

  6. Joining others: Being an owner of a LayerZero crypto token implies that one belongs to LayerZero group. You can always connect with fellow LayerZero enthusiasts on Telegram. The forum provides an opportunity for sharing ideas while asking questions about current events.

Unfortunately, we don’t know LayerZero token price yet, so the only thing we can do is wait.

These are only some of the many reasons why owning $ZRO tokens might be a wise step. Check Cryptoset.gg to get all the recent news in the industry! From potential growth to entering into DeFi space, including getting rewards but also being part of a community, $ZRO has it all!

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