What is Zora
Zora is an incredible project which combines an NFT marketplace, publishing platform and an Ethereum Layer-2 network.
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Get ready for the upcoming Zora drop with Cryptoset GG!

In this article, we'll take a look at the upcoming drop from Zora, take a look at what this project is all about and why we should get involved!

What is Zora?

The Zora airdrop is a curious circumstance since Zora offers both an NFT marketplace and publishing platform and an Ethereum layer 2 network. Established in 2020, the Zora NFT app could be a “decentralized protocol where anyone can permissionless buy, sell, and create.”Zora has made one of the foremost consistent apps for anybody to transfer, mint, and share NFTs. Numerous devotees presently compare them to WordPress or Shopify, companies that make a once hard-to-do errand (hosting blogs or E-commerce projects, individually) simple for the normal client.

With the success of their flagship NFT administrations, Zora at that point chose to extend to cover the whole NFT generation lifecycle with the launch of Zora Network. Zora Network may be a “fast, cost-efficient, and versatile Layer 2 built to assist bring media on-chain…Zora Network is an environment that puts NFTs first.”

Zora Network tackles the issue of critical gas expenses on Ethereum mainnet which could be a point point for much of the NFT community. On the Zora L2, exchanges are affirmed in seconds with expenses that are more often than not a little division of what you'd anticipate to pay on ETH L1. For occasion, stamping an NFT as a rule costs less than $.50 on Zora Organize.

NFTs on Zora can be minted or collected on 4 diverse mainnet systems:

* Zora Network

* Ethereum

* Base

* Optimistic

There's a gigantic sum of positive vitality around the venture among both NFT makers and collectors, with much of the community commending Zora's open plan and forward-thinking approach to building an economical NFT commercial marketplace. 

And of course, Zora received $60 million from very large investors such as Paradigm and Coinbase, who in turn valued the project at as much as $600 million!

Well, now let's move on to Zora Airdrop! What is there to do and why do we have so much faith in this project?

First, let's answer the question: why do we believe in Zora Airdrop? The answer is simple - among the investors is the well-known Paradigm, which in turn has invested huge money in such projects as Optimistic and Blur, and the second big investor is Coinbase Ventures, which previously invested in Aptos and Arkham. And now these two giant investors have come together in one place, in one project called Zora, but that's not all. If you look closely at the project's documentation, they have this item 5.6 "Rewards Programs", which also suggests an upcoming airdrop!

Let's get to how we can participate in the Zora Airdrop!

Warning: if you are going to make a lot of accounts - Zora can see IP and Zora blockchain cannot be connected with UA\RU IP! That's why we recommend you to buy proxies from us! 

Let's get started!

Like most airdrop we need to add Zora Network to our Metamask wallet! It's very simple, go here https://chainlist.org/chain/7777777 and click on "Connect wallet!

Now, let's bridge! We will use the official bridge. We will need to connect our wallet(ETH mainnet) and then bridge funds. There isn't any minimum here, but our recommendation: transfer $15-25, as you'll need it later on. But you can also use everyone's favorite Orbiter bridge!

Let's mint! We need to go to the official site Zora, where we can create our own NFTs and mint NFT from other users! NFT we need to mint on the site on various networks, not just the Zora Network, but the commission for each mint will be 0.000777ETH or ~1$. We should definitely also create our own NFT here!

Warning: Zora checks your IP, so if you use UA\RU IP or want to create many accounts - you need to use a proxy that you can purchase from us!

After making a couple mints on the official site and creating your NFT, let's move on to MintFun. Here we have to mint only on the Zora Network! To do this we need to visit Trending and choose “Zora - Free”.  A nice plus here is that we can lower the commission online by lowering the MAX FEE and PRIORITY FEE. But we don't recommend you to do this (lower it to almost 0) as you may be excluded from the list of airdrop pretenders!

Take a note, Mint.Fun may have potential Airdrop - you can check it in our article “Mint.Fun potential Airdrop - Guide”

Of course we mustn't forget the quests! Do them here: https://layer3.xyz/quests/unleashing-zora

Take a note: If you also do not have a large number of social media accounts, you can buy them from us!

Advice: We recommend making 3-6 transactions on the first day!

Let's speak about Tier-list of wallets in Zora:

Tier-1 wallet:

Collections: 20+

Own collections: at least 2

Mint 10+ NFT though Zora marketplace

Activity: minimum 10 active days and 3+ months of activity

Mint at least in 3 Network on Zora marketplace

Tier-2 wallet:

Collections: 10+

Own collections: at least 1

Mint 3+ NFT though Zora marketplace

Activity: minimum 5 active days

That's pretty much it! The main thing is not to forget to min NFT at certain intervals so that you don't get expelled due to inactivity! Good luck to everyone! Thanks for reading!

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