What is Starknet
StarkNet is a permissionless, decentralized Validity-Rollup (or "ZK-Rollup") network that runs as a secondary network on top of Ethereum.
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First and foremost, let us understand what Starknet is, how it differentiates, and why we should not overlook this project.

StarkNet is a permissionless, decentralized Validity-Rollup (or "ZK-Rollup") network that runs as a secondary network on top of Ethereum. As StarkNet uses STARK, an extremely secure and scalable cryptographic proof mechanism, any decentralized application can have unlimited processing capacity without affecting Ethereum's security and interoperability.

StarkNet's contracts and operating system are written in Cairo, which allows for the deployment and expansion of any type of business logic. It is the language used to create smart contracts on StarkNet. StarkWare just launched Cairo 1.0, an upgrade to the old Cairo language. It is simpler and more efficient than its predecessor, with enhanced syntaxes, more intuitive libraries, and greater compiler integration.

Plus, they have raised over $283 million and have already released their token on November 16, 2022. So we just can't miss the opportunity to participate in their Airdrop, which is already confirmed!

And so, let's get started! 

One of the first likely eligibility requirements for the StarkNet airdrop will be to bridge to the network from Ethereum mainnet. We recommend using StarkGate, the official bridge designed and deployed by the StarkWare team, to accomplish this. But there are also 2 alternative bridges:

  1. Orbiter - is a fast bridge that supports a number of L2 networks including Starknet.

  2. LayerSwap - is an innovative solution that allows users to migrate funds from CEX to L2 networks.

After we have transferred ETH through the bridge you need to activate your wallet!

We need to realize is that there are only 2 wallets available for Starknet at the moment, namely:

  1. Argent X

  2. Braavos

But expect more available wallets for this ecosystem in the near future. In the meantime, let's use what we have!

Let's take Argent X wallet as an example, as it is a native StarkNet wallet and an alternative to wallets like MetaMask or Trust Wallet. We propose downloading and installing the wallet, as well as transferring some tokens to the wallet and conducting some transactions, for this step. This will very likely be another eligibility criteria to increase your earnings from the StarkNet airdrop.

Well, we've dealt with bridges and wallets, now let's move on to where we can do transactions, which is one of the requirements for airdrop.

We recommend using a native DEX such as 10KSwap. This is an AMM and UniSwap fork that allows you to securely transfer tokens on the StarkNet network. All you have to do here is connect your wallet and select two tokens to swap. This will tick off another step in your eligibility requirements. But you can also use the other AMMs - mySwap. We recommend interacting with both AMMs. Just swap some tokens and add liquidity to Pools. 

DEX - Brine Finance - is also an interesting opportunity to fill transactions. Another decentralized exchange (DEX) on StarkNet, which differs from the usual AMMs in that it works like a traditional exchange with a book of orders. The Etherium strategy here is again very simple: just connect your MetaMask wallet and make a few transactions to see if you qualify.

What about the NFT? 

Well StarkNet attaches great importance to it, so it has quite a lot of interesting NFT projects.

First of all, Flexing and Aspect, where you can mint, buy, and sell NFTs. It is worth connecting to your Braavos wallet and interacting with both. And there is also a very cool project to look out for - briq. Thanks to this project we can create things out of virtual bricks and mint them on the network.

Another insanely important project in StarkNet is StarkNet ID - like ENS on Ethereum, is a chain-based name service. You will be able to use human-understandable names as your account address and create your own identity on StarkNet. Another interesting thing is that Starknet.id is integrated with your Braavos wallet. This means that if you mint your domain name, you will be able to see it in your Braavos wallet and use it to send and receive funds.

Well, now let's go back and talk a little bit more about DeFI.

StarkNet has a very interesting project - Nostra.  It is a protocol that is currently in the alpha stage. By connecting your wallet, you can deposit funds for profit and receive funds against your contributions.

Another project is Hashstack. Hashstack offers loans with insufficient collateral. We recommend borrowing a different token. For example, you transferred ETH and borrowed USDC, so you can build up volume. 

There is also the ZKX protocol, which is a perpetual futures DEX. Similar to Hashstack, it is definitely one of the interesting projects in StarkNet with a strong community approach. The ZKX team has also developed StarkWay, a universal ERC20 bridge.

Not to be forgotten is StarkDefi, a permission-and trust-free Defi end-to-end solutions center designed to leverage the decentralized ZK rollup in StarkNet. To access the test network, obtain the role of a Level 5 Citizen by completing the crew3 quests.

Another interesting project in StarkNet ecosystem:

  1. zkGraph - social graph, with limitless possibilities and uncompromised privacy.

  2. Zohal - next-generation AMM coming soon to Starknet

  3. zkCross - ZK Cross is a reliable cross-chain protocol based on multichain zkRollup. The project makes use of cutting-edge technologies to provide a safe and decentralized cross-chain infrastructure for the rapidly evolving crypto industry(testnet) How to apply

    1. Follow @thezkcross on Twitter 

    2. Join Discord  and  invite 3 friends with your own link. 

    3. Like and retweet tweet

    4. Submit Gleam form

  1. ZKEX - is a multi-chain order book DEX, secured with zero-knowledge proofs. Just complete quests, collect points, and unlock levels for the chance to get swag, NFTs, event invites, airdrops, discounts, giveaways and more! Join Crew3 board, and start completing quests (which are mini-tasks) and collect points in order to level up, and eventually unlock new roles in Discord.

  2. StarkNet Quests - an integral part of the StarkNet Ecosystem, just go and complete the tasks. 

Take a note:You'll need a huge amount of social media, so if you don't have a lot - we recommend buying from us!

  1. Early Starkers - a collection of 1234 Star NFTs aiming to gather the early adaptors and pioneers of StarkNet community. The collection is already sold out. Available on Mint Square and Aspect.

What about fun you ask? Of course, the StarkNet Ecosystem has games!

  1. Eykar - a decentralized game of conquest powered by StarkNet. An almost infinite territory that can be conquered through alliances and wars. Mint a free NFT and level up by completing the quests.

  2. The Ninth - is a metaverse world built with Starkware technology. The world is truly owned by users, and land owners can generate various in-game elements and have various gameplay.

  3. The Redline - Giant robot NFT racing and engineering on StarkNet and UE5.Deep Strategy and Drama Game.

  4. Imperium Wars - a Conquer to Earn NFT game where five empires from all over the globe will ally, betray and fight in order to reach Glory and Fortune.

  5. Frens Lands - on-chain world builder RTS built on StarkNet where you harvest resources and build to create your dream community.

  6. Dope Wars - modular and extendable game system inspired by calculator game nostalgia.

 Some useful resources:

  1. StarkEvents - all Starknet events and activities (hackathons, conferences, meetups, community calls, etc.) can be found here. The Nostra community is in charge of this project.

  2. Starknet-ecosystem - Explore all projects building & running on StarkNet L2. This project is managed by the Starknet community.

In order to check the activity of your wallet, we can use SybilStat!

Well, now we can safely say that we are definitely familiar with the StarkNet Ecosystem, at least a little bit, now let's get to the fun part. $STARK airdrop. You might think that since it is such a large ecosystem, airdrop will be difficult to perform, but now we will dispel this myth, because this airdrop is very easy to perform!

Steps to join $STARK airdrop:

  1. Bridge ETH to Starknet

1.1.  Head straight to the official bridge at https://starkgate.starknet.io

1.2. Connect your wallets (MetaMask and Argent / Braavos)

1.3 Simply transfer some ETH from Ethereum to Starknet

Costs: 2-3$ for gas

  1. Register a domain on myBraavos

2.1. Register / Open your Braavos wallet

2.2. Go to account settings

2.3. Click "Setup account on-chain" and then "Register braavos.stark subdomain"

2.4 Simply choose your desired subdomain name

2.5 Hit "Register"

Costs: 1 transaction for ~$0.30

  1. Next, swap and add liquidity via mySwapxyz

3.1. Visit https://myswap.xyz and connect your wallet

3.2. Now, swap some ETH for USDC / DAI

3.3. Just deposit into the pool

Costs: 2 transactions ~$0.85 

 Take a note, we need to do the same stuff on all these dApps:

  1. 10kSwap

  2. Avnu

  3. Starkex

  4. Sithswap

  5. Fibrous

Costs: 10 transactions ~$4,5

4.  Supply and Borrow via zkLend

4.1. Head to zkLend and connect your wallet

4.2. Supply ETH

4.3. Borrow USDC

Congratulations! You made the Airdrop! As you can see everything is easy and simple!

Now let's talk about what Tier-wallets exist!

Tier-1 wallet:

Total volume: 1 ETH across the official bridge

Transactions: 50+

Active: 6+ months
Total volume of transactions: >$10k

Tier-2 wallet:

Total volume: >0,3 ETH across the official bridge

Transactions: 25+

Active: 3+ months
Total volume of transactions: >$5k

Tier-3 wallet:

Deposit: 20-30$

Transactions: 10+

Active: 2+ months

Therefore, it is advisable to assess your strengths and immediately understand what level you can expect to achieve!

Tip: leave $100+ in ETH wallets for Tier 1 and Tier 2 wallets.

We hope this article was helpful to you, both in terms of learning about the StarkNet Ecosystem and in the instructions on how to get a STARK Airdrop! Good luck!

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