What is zkSync
zkSync Era is a Layer-2 protocol that scales Ethereum using advanced ZK technology. Its goal is not just to increase Ethereum's bandwidth, but to fully preserve its fundamental values - freedom, self-sovereignty, decentralization - at scale.
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zkSync airdrop guide




Let`s get started!

We want to note that if you are going to create many accounts, one of the main problems of beginners is that they do it all without a proxy, because the network can see your IP through the official RPC! That's why we advise you to buy a proxy from us!

First of all, we need to add the zkSync Era network to MetaMask. You can do it here: https://chainlist.org/?search=zksync 

Since for interactions we need funds in the zkSync network. So here is the Official Bridge we need to use: https://portal.zksync.io/bridge/ . There are also other bridges available, but we will look at the official one first. We need to make an ETH-transfer from Ethereum mainnet to zkSync Era through the official bridge. Recommendation: make a deposit of 100$. The price of transfer across the official bridge is about $3 at GasPrice 10 or about $5 at GasPrice 15. We would also like to note that the cheapest Ethereum withdrawal can be done through Binance and OKEX exchanges. If you wish to fund from L2 or other blockchains, we provide you with a list of alternative bridges:

DEX SyncSwap

SyncSwap - A decentralized AMM exchange that has been around since the zkSync testnet. We will find the most liquidity here, but transactions are relatively expensive (Swap Fee 0.3%). Here we can easily fill transactions on the Trade page(swap various tokens) and then use the Pool page, where we add some $$$ to the liquidity pool. This helps us interact with a wider range of smart contracts. Refund system works on this and other platforms where 30%-90% of unused gas fees are refunded automatically.

DEX Mute
Mute - is a DeFi liquidity hub that includes AMM DEX, farming platforms aimed at stimulating liquidity and reducing gas commissions. Therefore, the tasks will be similar to those with the SyncSwap project - swap various tokens(Swap Fee 0.5%) and open liquidity pools.
DEX Unidex
Unidex - excellent aggregator for high volumes! Transactions go through the aggregator 1Inch, Firebird and Openocean (need to inflate GasLimit!). All we need to do is trade and trade again! On the main page, you can choose the tokens you want to trade and customize the leverage and loss protection level. But the only thing is, if you are not familiar with what Futures are, it is not recommended to choose leverage higher than x3-x5 and try to close the trade immediately after opening. It also features some of our favorite Pools! Just open it up and throw in some $$$$.
DEX Wagmi
Wagmi - a good alternative for SyncSwap. Swap tokens on the Trade page(swap fee 0,25%)  and open Liquidity pools.
DEX Maverick Protocol
Maverick Protocol - AMM DEX is running on the Ethereum network and zkSync Era. As for our activity, we just keep Swaps tokens(swap fee 0.3%) and open Pools
DEX Odos
Odos - the best option for high volumes, minimal slippage! Just take the Swap tokens!
DEX MES Protocol
MES Protocol - is a new generation of DEX based on the order book and built on zkRollup technology. It provides users with a convenient and fast trading method similar to trading on CEX. To start trading, you need to connect your wallet to the platform on the zkSync Era network and fund it with ETH or USDC. Next, we make interactions with the Buy and Sell tabs
DEX Swap-ZkSync.spacefi
Swap-ZkSync.spacefi - is a platform running on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain with zkSync integration. It offers cross-chain trading, decentralized exchange (DEX), primary token sales (Starter), collectible tokens (NFT) and management of autonomy organizations (DAO). At the moment, only DEX is working. Therefore, the tasks are the same as with the previous DEX above - swap and put some money into the pools.
DEX 1Inch
1Inch - Connect your wallet to the site, select the zkSync Era network and make swaps.
DEX Onchain.trade
Onchain.trade - Another DEX on which you can swap tokens with tokens and create pools. In the future cross-chain trading will be available. But what we're interested in right now is to swap tokens and put money into pools.
ZkSync Lite Activities
Bridge ZigZag
We use a bridge where costs on the Ethereum network will be required, but transactions on the Ethereum network itself are also important. For example, the Optimism network when giving out the drop did not reward users who did not use the main Ethereum network. So it will also be important to have 10-20 transactions on the main network (Ethereum), especially if it is a multi-account. After depositing, we go to the "Trade" tab and trade using Buy and Sell.

Pinata is a web application that provides services for storing and managing data on the blockchain. 

1) First, we need to register on the site and create an account.

2) We need to upload an image to the site by clicking "Add Files", then "File" and "Upload".

3) Once the image has been uploaded, we must copy the identification code that has been assigned to it.

4) Next, we need to go to the site and connect your MetaMask wallet.

5) Then we need to click on the "Mint NFT" button

6) After that, we should enter the identification code of your picture in the "Content Address" field and click "Authorize to Mint NFT".

7) To complete the operation, we need to confirm the transaction in the MetaMask wallet.

Quests Activities

1. Intro to zkSync Era

2. Exploring Mute

3. Introduction to Maverick

4. How to Swap on SpaceFi

5. OT Swap on zkSync

6. One-Stop Liquidity with iZUMi

7. Enter zkSync Era with WOOFi

We'd like to point out that if you don't have social media or can't find the right amount for all your accounts, you can purchase them from us!


zkSync has not neglected this direction. Here is a list of where you can mine and sell your NFTs on the zkSync ERA network!

1) MintSquare.io

2) Omnisea

3) ElementMarket

4) Kreatorland
Other Activities

1) Sismo - gives ZK badges for privacy and confirmation of activities done, like POAP, only on ZK and with anonymity. We can now see what badges we can mint on the site. In all likelihood, we will be able to mint the badge that you get for donating on GR15.

2) Crew3 - As of recently zkSync appeared on Crew3, we should not miss this activity. In their Discord-channel we can get roles: zkSync Crew3, Roadmappor and others. After all the activities we can withdraw assets, just like we did in the beginning, through the official bridge.

3) Argent - we can download the application on Google Play and AppStore. When we download the application, you need to register, switch to zkSync and in the future at the first transactions will need to authorize the wallet. Transfer some ETH in the zkSync network to a new address. When we`ve got the tokens, do a couple exchanges in the app itself and throw some into staking/farming. After that, we can withdraw back to your main address.

4) zkSync Name Service - is a web application that helps us create our own domain names for addresses on the zkSync blockchain. Instead of long and confusing addresses, users can use their personal domain names to send and receive assets easily and quickly. All we need to do is buy a domain name.

5) Tevaera Game - This is a game space on zkSync. Inside Tevaera, users can:

  • obtain a Citizen ID NFT digital game passport;

  • buy the internal currency KP$;

  • play games and complete quests.

New games appear on Tevaera from time to time, so it is recommended to log in from time to time and perform new activities.

6) Deployment of a smart-contract - An important indicator for any project is the testing of its own smart contracts. Taking into account Arbitrum's experience, zkSync may increase the reward for those users who will Deploy ERC20 (regular token) and ERC721 (NFT) smart contracts.

There are two ways to accomplish this task:

OpenZeppelin and Remix Ethereum. The first service allows you to create a smart contract template, and the second service allows you to issue it;

Thirdweb. This is an automated platform for issuing smart contracts that does not require the user to write code

7) Interport – An additional crosschain bridge, also analogous to a decentralized exchange. List of available actions:

  • asset transfer between networks;

  • token exchange;

  • farming of tokens, including stablecoins.

Interport is part of the Layer Zero ecosystem, so interaction with the platform increases the chances of getting a prize from the two networks.

When doing quests, swaps, opening pools, always check your activity with the ZkFlow!

Our list of wallets what you can use:







Wallets tier-list

Tier-1 wallet:

Volume: 1 ETH over the official bridge

Transactions: 50+

Active: 6+ months

Bridge into zkSync Lite with 10+ transactions

Deploy of smart-contact 

Total transaction volume: $50k+

Tier-2 wallet:

Volume: >0,3ETH over the official bridge

Transactions: 25+

Active: 3+ months

Bridge into zkSync Lite with 5+ transactions

Total transaction volume: $10k+

Tier-3 wallet:

Deposit: 20-30$

Transactions: 10+

Active: 2+ months

Therefore it is recommended to evaluate your strengths and immediately understand which Tier you can count on! Tip: leave $100+ in ETH wallets for Tier 1 and Tier 2 wallets.

zkSync, a breakthrough Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, was developed specifically to address the network’s scalability issues. It works as a zero-knowledge rollup, which uses advanced cryptographic methods to bundle and validate transactions before they are posted on the Ethereum mainnet. This way, it cuts down transaction costs and latency while still maintaining Ethereum’s security promises. Cryptoset.gg will tell you all you need to know about it!

zkSync enables users to make low-cost transactions quickly, which will make decentralized applications more accessible and efficient for everyday use. zkSync offers innovative technology and scalability-mindedness that makes it an indispensable infrastructure layer in the wider Ethereum ecosystem. Let’s dive into our zkSync airdrop guide and learn whether it is possible to get coins.

Benefits of zkSyn Airdrops in 2024

Before we proceed to how to get zkSync airdrop, let’s learn why it is worth doing it. Airdrops have various benefits to projects and participants, thus leading to ecosystem growth and user engagement, among other things:

  1. Community building: These drops enable companies to grow their communities by distributing tokens to a wide range of people. By doing so, developers can develop attachments between these individuals, making them active backers or promoters of this project.

  2. zkSync token distribution: Airdrops ensure equitable token distribution so that only a few early supporters or insiders do not have majority shares. Distributing tokens among many people provides greater decentralization, thereby reducing centralization risk.

  3. User acquisition and retention: This helps in attracting new users in addition to engaging holdouts through free coins as incentives for interacting with the system, exploring its features, and subsequently joining it permanently or investing in it.

  4. Bootstrapping liquidity: Another significant benefit of airdropped tokens is that they encourage liquidity within DeFi ecosystems by incentivizing individuals who contribute to liquidity pools or DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges). Consequently, this adds liquidity which further enhances performance and efficiency of DeFi protocols hence increasing participants’ user experience.

  5. Governance participation: Many times these drops come along with governance tokens meaning token holders also become ‘decision-makers’ within the Ecosystems where they are used. The above means that token holders have a say when it comes to protocol governance and thus they can decide on the project’s trajectory as well as collectively governing its operations in a decentralized manner.

In an overall view, airdrops are instrumental in driving adoption, community engagement, and decentralization in blockchain ecosystems. By distributing tokens fairly and openly, projects can use airdrops to bootstrap growth, foster vibrant communities, and position themselves at the forefront of the blockchain industry.

Why zkSync Matters

Compared to other optimistic rollups already circulating in the market, zkSync provides lower charges and faster withdrawals, hence suggesting it is an interesting project ahead. Following zkSync token launches like those made by Optimism or Arbitrum, there exists some probability that zkSync might go down that path too later on. Unfortunately, zkSync token price has not been announced yet.

zkSync Airdrop: Improving Your Chances

Let’s consider some activities that can boost your eligibility based on experiences from other airdrop programs of the same kind (you can check the eligibility using a zkSync airdrop checker).

First, regularly engaging with smart contracts of zkSync over time is one of the ways to increase the chances of reward. This guide aims at highlighting interaction strategies especially to those who missed out on testnet phase.

Bridging Assets and Depositing Liquidity

Start the process by downloading MetaMask and integrating zkSync Era. Then, make use of the bridge portal in MetaMask to bridge your assets. Along with this, confirm that you have enough ETH in your wallet to cover any transaction fees. Once you've deposited liquidity into zkSync, everything following should be a piece of cake.

Interaction with Projects on the Network

Some projects are already live on zkSync Era, where interaction is one of the key factors to be considered while determining their eligibility status during airdrops; SyncSwap, Mute, and EraLend were featured, but more protocols are possible as well.

Explore Other Projects And Actions

Try out different applications offered on Balance. Contracts ecosystem such as Tevaera and Maverick among others as much as possible so that you will be able to make yourself eligible for these opportunities if they arise since frequency and value of transactions matter greatly in this regard.

A tip: to contribute towards potential zkSync airdrop eligibility, donations should be made by becoming a supporter of zkSync projects through the Gitcoin platform.

Stay Alert for Tasks and Programs

Always monitor tasks, quests, or programs being introduced by zkSync together with associates, which may influence wallet eligibility criteria in some way.

Remember that you can always check if everything is good by using a zkSync airdrop checker.

Potential Criteria for Participation in zksync token airdrop

There are currently no specific eligibility criteria for participating in the zkSync airdrop. However, considering past airdrops and industry standards, there are some potential factors that may influence eligibility:

  • zkSync Early Adoption: Being an early adopter of zkSync products shows confidence in the project’s future by users and commitment to its success. Hence, those who embraced what zkSync was offering at an early stage could be given a more significant allocation in the drop compared to those who came later.

  • Participation during Test Phases: Participation during testing phases like involvement in zkSync’s testnet or alpha testings can be key determinants of eligibility. The level of participation and quality of feedback during these testing periods can be assessed whereby actively contributing individuals for better functionality and reliability concerning zkSync will potentially gain consideration.

  • Community Involvement: This is one of the major aspects that might be analyzed to check if an individual is eligible for a certain thing; depth of engagement within the community surrounding zkSync could also matter when assessing people’s suitability for this drop. 

    Taking part in discussions, helping other members, and interacting with different platforms within their online forums and social media sites raise their chances of being able to participate in the zkSync token airdrop. On top of that, there have been genuine supporters of the zkSync ecosystem who have tirelessly helped it grow and develop productively, which means that they may stand out from the crowd on this criterion.

  • While these factors provide general framework for potential eligibility considerations, it should be noted that no official announcement has been made about specifics criteria used by zkSync for its airdrop. As such, any interested persons should await additional information regarding whether they qualify for participation as announced by zkSync themselves pertaining to requirements set by them for qualification into this program.

Maximizing Your Chances: Hints

How to maximize your chances? We at Cryptoset.gg have prepared some tips that will help (although we don’t know zkSync token price and it is not yet available for purchase).

Give Priority to Early Participation

Airdrops are often used on a first come – first served or have limited supply. This means you would want to be among the first participants to receive a higher share of the airdrop zkSync rewards. Stay updated!

Use Multiple Wallets

If you want to maximize your returns from a zkSync token airdrop , consider using different wallets to participate in separate airdrops. However, it is vital that each wallet stays independent on-chain so that there are no issues involving eligibility or double entries.

Moreover, having multiple virtual private networks (VPNs) aids enhance IP privacy and prevent IP-based techniques of identification which guarantee anonymity while protecting yourself against suspicious activity which might disqualify someone from possible or potential gaining.

Stay Consistent In Transactions

For some projects, users get rewarded based on their consistent involvement over long periods of time. The latter includes individuals who used platforms like Arbitrum actively over months and, therefore, received more tokens during the latest airdrop campaign as an appreciation for being supportive of this cryptocurrency ecosystem. For this reason, consistent commerce within the framework of the project may potentially make getting larger amounts of airdrop prizes much more likely.

Be Aware And Alert To Scammers As Not All Opportunities Are Legitimate

It is important to be cautious about participating in airdrops since not all opportunities are real ones. Beware of those who ask you for sensitive information or upfront money, as they could be schemes aimed at defrauding unsuspecting people into their traps.

In-depth research about the project and its team should be carried out alongside verification through official channels before participating via trusted platforms only; stay informed on common scam tactics as well, and maintaining a skeptical mindset will help you evade falling prey to fraudulent systems, thereby increasing your chances for participation in legit ones.


While the need for a zkSync token remains uncertain, participation in the ecosystem and potential governance opportunities are worthwhile endeavors. However, receiving tokens through an airdrop zkSync is not guaranteed, even if zkSync decides to launch a token in the future.

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