What is Manifold
Manifold is a free tool that empowers creators by allowing them to have full control over the creation of smart contracts.
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Well, let's understand first what Manifold is!

Manifold is a free tool that empowers creators by allowing them to have full control over the creation and creation of smart contracts. It is interoperable with all major NFT markets and allows the creation of  ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens. It's great that Manifold allows us to create tokens using  these two token standards, but it's important to note that many platforms have little to no support  for ERC1155 tokens. So we should keep this in mind when choosing the token standard we want to use for our artwork. In December  2021, Manifold opened its doors to everyone and also added many improvements to the tool. It  is currently capable of facilitating airdrops and has an extremely cheap implementation cost. Before Manifold, creating  custom contracts was an expensive and time-consuming process that prevented many creators from actually taking ownership of the NFTs they created.

Manifold is designed to empower artists, and many of our Burrito DAO contributors regularly use the tool to take control of their typing process. It's a one-stop shop for all the necessities. Wecan both launch contracts and create tokens on the testnet before spending time and money deploying and creating on the Ethereum mainnet, making Manifold the perfect tool for any creator . Notable artists who have used Manifold to power their drops include Steve Aoki, Jay-Z, and the Sacramento Kings.

Okay, interesting! Let's get started and understand how to make a smart contract and mint a token!

  1. Go to Manifold and connect our wallet!

  2. After clicking β€œNew Contract”, we will see an interface where we can name the contract, choose the token type (ERC721 or ERC1155), and also select the token icon to represent the contract our. Our contract name is the primary identifier for our contract and how it will appear across all major markets. Our contract can be named for a specific project or it can  simply be our artist name or brand identity. Our token symbol will be displayed on Etherscan when our contract is  viewed, it is also commonly used when sharing links to said contract and even on other marketplace platforms where we sell and trade  tokens issued with it. This symbol is limited to five alphanumeric characters and  does not need to be unique.

  3. Just mint your NFT once a day on Ethereum, Optimism and Base networks.

Well, we've sorted out how to do all of this, now let us answer any questions you may have had!

Why do we need our own contract?

It's simple! To better understand the importance of exclusive ownership contracts, we must understand the disadvantages of the alternative, the joint storefront contract. Many creators created their first NFTs through a shared store contract on Opensea. It's a simple and inexpensive way for most people to create and sell their first NFT. This generic storefront  allows  minting and listing at extremely low prices but does not give us any ownership or control over the contract used to mint these tokens. In short, Opensea owns and controls the contract used to create and issue these tokens. So, if for some reason Opensea ceases to exist,  our access to the tokens issued using this contract also disappears. This prevents we from making changes to metadata such as images attached to tokens, token names, and  token descriptions, and may even prevent us from listing  tokens This is on other platforms like Look Rare or X2Y2.

 Why is contract personalization important? 

Contract personalization and its importance really boil down to one main thing: making ourselves stand out in the background. Our contract is the foundation on which our work rests. Therefore, it must be unique and recognizable. Below are some examples of creative contract customizations from our DAO members. Both Em0tionull and Alhucard  have unique ASCII art that makes their contracts stand out. Standing out is important, but ASCII art is also a really cool and  fun way to add a personal touch to our  smart contracts.

Guaranteed contract autonomy

Wallet security is the most important thing when it comes to protecting our smart contracts. For this reason, we recommend using hardware wallets when creating and deploying smart contracts with Manifold. If the wallet we use to create and deploy with Manifold is compromised, this would allow an attacker to tweak the wallet to which ALL royalties are sent, add and remove admin addresses, and even register utilities. extensions to our contract. They can even transfer unsold tokens to another address. Getting a hardware wallet from Ledger is the easiest and most direct way to add an extra layer of security to prevent this from happening. Visit Ledger website  to compare the two hardware wallets they offer and see which one is  best  for we.

We hope this article has helped you understand Manifold! Thanks for reading!

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