What is Kuroro Beasts
Within the Treasure DAO ecosystem, Kuroro Beasts is one of the games where players have the opportunity to obtain Origin Beasts that can be staked.
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Kuroro Beasts

  1. Participate in Kuroro Beasts by actively playing and leveling up your characters through various in-game activities.

  2. Log in to the game on a daily basis to complete assigned daily quests, earning rewards and progressing in your gaming journey.

  3. Enhance your involvement by staking your Kuroro Beasts Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This involves securing your NFTs to contribute to the overall gaming ecosystem and potentially unlock additional benefits or rewards within the game.

What is Kuroro Beasts?

Within the Treasure DAO ecosystem, Kuroro Beasts is one of the games where players have the opportunity to obtain Origin Beasts that can be staked. By staking these beasts, holders accumulate points, making them eligible for the KURO token airdrop. Furthermore, players can actively participate in the game, completing daily quests, which also qualifies them for the KURO airdrop.

What about Airdrop?

The airdrop encompasses various segments, including 'Play to Airdrop,' which allocates 7% of the tokens to players actively engaging with the game. Another noteworthy aspect is 'Origin Staking,' where players staking original creatures within the game can receive a share of a 10% token airdrop. Additionally, there's a direct 'Origins Airdrop' that doesn't necessitate staking, reserving 38% of the tokens for upcoming initiatives and game developments. Kuroro Beasts are divided into Origin Beasts and regular beasts. Origin Beasts, with a total circulation of 6,600, can be staked for airdrops and come in various rarities such as core, rare, and epic. Regular beasts, however, are not eligible for staking.

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