What is HAVEN1
Haven1 is an EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain that brings key principles of traditional finance to Web3.
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Let`s Get Started:
As Haven1 is an EVM-compatible blockchain, the following wallets will be compatible:
This tutorial will use the MetaMask browser wallet. If this is your first web3 wallet, we recommend downloading MetaMask from the official website!
Step 1: Add Haven1 Cove Testnet to Metamask
Haven1 operates on its native token, $H1. Therefore, before using Haven1, it is essential to configure MetaMask to recognize both the Haven1 blockchain and the $H1 testnet token.
There are 2 possibilities to connect your wallet:
  1. Throught the Haven1 Testnet Website;
  • Start at the Testnet Landing Page and tap “Connect” in the top-right-hand corner of the page.
  • The Haven1 Cove Testnet network will then be added automatically. Switch to the Haven1 Cove Testnet network on your wallet.
   2. Mannualy throught wallet;
  • Adding Haven1 Testnet manually to your wallet involves adding some network details to the extension. First, open MetaMask. click the network dropdown icon and then click “Add network” on the pop-up.
  • Navigate to ‘Add a network manually’ and enter the following:

Step 2: Complete Verification Process
Once you have connected your wallet, click 'Verify Account' to start at the Verification Page. Click “Continue” on the pop-up.

  • Connect your Discord account and join the Haven1 community;
  • Enter your display name and click 'Continue' to join the Discord channel;
  • Click on 'Verify' in the #verify channel;
  • Complete the Captcha challenge to finish the verification;
  • Return to the Testnet webpage and click 'Authorize'.
  • This will prompt Discord to authorize haven as an application. Click 'Authorize' to continue.
  • Return to the Testnet webpage and click 'verify'.
  • Complete the testnet verification form:
    • Enter your Wallet Address
    • select Account Type
    • City
    • Country
    • ID Document Type
    • Document Expiry

Your Discord details, street address, and ID document will not be stored on-chain.

Once you have completed this process, your wallet address will be verified and you may begin transacting on the Haven1 network!
You will be able to view the successful minting transaction of the Proof of ID NFT on the Haven1 block explorer.
Haven1 Faucet Steps:
Step 1: Accessing the faucet
  • Wallet Verification: Ensure your wallet is successfully verified within the Haven1 network.
  • Navigate to the Faucet:
  • Option 1: Visit the Haven1 On-chain App Store and find the Faucet link.
  • Option 2: Directly go to the Testnet Faucet URL.
  • Sign In: Once on the Faucet page, sign in with your credentials.
  • Initiate Token Request: After signing in, you’re ready to request H1 Testnet Tokens to begin your explorations.
Step 2: Requesting testnet H1 tokens
  • Enter Wallet Address: Provide the address of your verified wallet in the designated field.
  • Request Tokens: Click on the 'Request Testnet H1' button.
  • Receive Tokens: The testnet H1 tokens will be sent promptly to your wallet. This process allows you to start test transactions immediately, without any delays.
Haven1 Hub Steps:
Step 1: Check your token balances
  • Access the wallet: Click on the 'Wallet' button at the top right of the screen to enter the Haven1 Hub.
  • View balances: Navigate to the 'Tokens' tab to see a comprehensive overview of your token balances on the Haven1 network.
  • This interface ensures you stay informed and maintain complete control over your holdings
Step 2: Stake your H1 tokens
  • Navigate to staking: Select the 'Stake' tab within the Hub.
  • Customize your stake: Choose the amount of H1 tokens you wish to stake.
  • Track your stake: Observe your staked tokens under 'My Deposited H1' and monitor the accrual of rewards in 'My Pending Rewards.'
  • Claim rewards: Claim your rewards, which will be in the form of esH1 – escrowed H1 tokens, at your convenience.
Step 3: Vest your esH1 yokens
  • Claiming esH1 rewards: After staking, proceed to claim your esH1 rewards.
  • Initiate vesting: Go to the 'Vest' tab and start the vesting process.
  • Understand the process: The vesting takes place over a 365-day period, converting esH1 into fully accessible H1 tokens.
  • Monitor vesting: Watch your vested tokens in 'Total Vested' and see your claimable H1 token balance increase over time.
HavenSwap Steps:
Step 1: Accessing HavenSwap
  • Via Haven1 ecosystem: Access through the Haven1 Ecosystem page.
  • Direct access: Visit the HavenSwap protocol website directly.
Step 2: Trading process
  • Select tokens: In the 'From' field, choose the token you want to exchange (e.g., H1), and in the 'To' field, select the token you want to receive (e.g., ETH).
  • Enter trade amount: Input the amount in the 'From' field. HavenSwap will automatically show the estimated amount of the second token you will receive.

  • Set slippage tolerance: Adjust the slippage tolerance to set the maximum acceptable price difference during the trade.

  • Review and confirm: Double-check the trade details, including the token pair, trade amount, and slippage tolerance.

Step 3: Adding liquidity on HavenSwap

  • Access the pool: Navigate to the 'Pool' tab on HavenSwap and select your desired token pair (e.g., H1/ETH).
  • Add liquidity: Click 'Add Liquidity' and input the amounts of each token you want to contribute, ensuring balanced values.
  • Review and confirm: HavenSwap will show the number of LP tokens you’ll receive. Review and click 'Supply' to proceed.
  • Confirm transaction: Approve the transaction in your wallet, checking the gas fee.
  • Liquidity added: Once confirmed, you’ve successfully added liquidity. Check your liquidity position in the 'Your Liquidity' section.
Haven1 Block Explorer Steps:
Step 1: Accessing the Haven Block Explorer
  • Direct access: Visit the Haven1 Block Explorer by typing its URL in your web browser.
  • Via Haven1 website: Navigate to the Block Explorer through the official Haven1 website.
Step 2: Overview of the homepage
  • Search bar: Use this to search for specific transactions, wallet addresses, or blocks.

Step 3: Exploring blocks and transactions
  • Block details: Click on a block to see its height, timestamp, hash, and included transactions.
  • Transaction details: Click on a transaction to view information about the sender, receiver, transaction amount, hash, and status.
  • Latest blocks: View recent blocks along with key details like block numbers and transaction counts.
  • Transaction activity: Check the list of recent transactions, including sender and recipient details.

Step 4: Navigating the menu
  • Transactions: Access a comprehensive list of transactions on the Haven1 blockchain.
  • Blocks: View all blocks, with the option to examine each in detail.
  • Verified contracts: Explore contracts with public source code and compiler settings.
  • Charts & stats: Analyze various statistics like active accounts and daily transactions.

Step 5: Investigating addresses
  • Address search: Input or click an address to view its balance and transaction history.
  • Transaction history: See a detailed list of transactions associated with the address.

Step 6: Exploring contract details
  • Contract overview: Understand the purpose and functionalities of a specific smart contract.
  • Contract address: Note the unique deployment address of the contract.
  • Contract creator: Identify the creator of the contract.
  • Transaction history: Review transactions related to the contract for additional insights.
  • Contract code: Examine the source code for transparency and understanding of the contract's logic.

What Is HAVEN1?

Haven1 is an EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain that brings key principles of traditional finance to Web3. Haven1 is powered by Yield App, a leading digital wealth platform. Built-in verifiable identity at the wallet level facilitates recourse mechanisms and security guardrails which allow Haven1 to unlock previously unattainable decentralized finance use cases.

The Haven1 team has initiated testing and feedback processes is inviting you to join them in this phase. The Haven1 testnet is up and running, with 50,000 users onboard.

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