What is Tonstakers
Tonstakers is a liquid staking platform in The Open Network ecosystem. It is called the most popular staking platform on TON.
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Steps to get tsTON points:
  1. Go Tonstakers App to and connect your wallet; 

  2. In a β€œStake” tab you will see a list of available pools. Choose one of them and add liquidity. The more liquidity you add, the more tsTON points will you receive.

What is Tonstakers

Tonstakers is a liquid staking platform in The Open Network ecosystem. It is called the most popular staking platform on TON. The project is working with the developers team of the TON blockchain itself.

Tonstakers introduces an innovative approach to DeFi staking on TON blockchain, enabling users to stake their TON tokens and in return, receive tsTON. While staked, your funds will also earn interest, right now it is about 4.5% APY. tsTON, short for Tonstakers TON, is a liquid staking derivative that represents the staked TON plus accruing rewards, allowing users to remain liquid and participate in other DeFi activities without relinquishing their staking benefits.

This innovative mechanism ensures that while users' TON is staked within the Tonstakers protocol, they hold tsTON as a flexible asset, which can be used across the DeFi ecosystem. The value of tsTON increases with each validation cycle, reflecting the staking rewards earned, thus providing a dynamic and rewarding staking experience.

How to receive an Airdrop from Tonstakers 

Even though, token is not confirmed yet, points system which is a widely used feature by other projects, gives us a clear understanding that once the token is released, those who hold tsTON are going to be rewarded. That is why, in order not to miss free crypto it is better to get familiar with Tonstakers platform in advance.

As soon as there is any official announcement from the team or any new details about the period of Tonstakers airdrop, we surely will notify you. Stay tuned with Cryptoset for more!

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