What is Aleo
Aleo is a Layer-1 blockchain that utilizes zkSNARK technology, allowing for the creation of completely private applications.
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Steps for Aleo Testnet:
  1. Start by installing the Leo wallet.

  2. Go to the website and add your Leo wallet address to the greenlist; without being on the greenlist, you won't be able to claim credits.

  3. Claim tokens on the Discord Aleo channel in the "faucet" section by typing (/sendcredits your address space 50).

  4. Move to the AleoSwap DEX and claim USDT, ALS, and ETH tokens in the faucet section.

  5. In the Swap tab, perform various swaps between your tokens in different directions, and in the Wrap tab, add liquidity in the Liquidity Pool section.

  6. Proceed to the Shadow Finance dApp, connect your Leo wallet, and obtain test tokens, Armlin and ArmOut, in the Faucet section.

  7. Next, swap your tokens in the Swap section and add liquidity in the Liquidity section.

  8. Head to Arcane Finance and, in the Faucet section at the top right, obtain test tokens USDC and WETH.

  9. Register your domain on Aleo Name Service. Currently, it may show an error requiring 2 credits. If it doesn't work, return to this step later.

  10. Create and mint your NFT on Aleo.store by filling out all the fields and uploading images.

  11. Go to the IZAR bridge, connect your MetaMask and Leo wallets, and transfer test tokens ETH.

  12. Trade on PrivX and claim test tokens by clicking "Claim" at the top right.

  13. Go to the "My Assets" section, click "Deposit" to initiate the transfer of funds from your wallet to the DEX balance. In the "Deposit" interface, select the token you want to deposit from the dropdown menu, enter the amount, and confirm the transaction by clicking "Confirm" on both PrivX and the Leo Wallet popup (usually takes 4-7 minutes).

  14. After that, on the Trade main page, select a trading pair and click BUY to confirm the trade.

  15. Register for the Zpass waitlist \

  16. Complete the quest on Layer3.

  17. Smart Contract Deployment - visit the website, scroll down to the "Deploy Program" section, and click the green "Insert Demo Program" button. It will generate code where you only need to change the NAME in the first line; it will be something like Hello_hello.aleo – change it to any unique name in English. Then, paste your Leo Wallet's private key in the "Private Key" field. Turn off the button next to "Private Fee." After this, click "Estimate Fee" (it will generate gas), and then click "Deploy." If you've done everything correctly, you will see a green checkmark after deployment. If you encounter an error in red, continue trying the deployment until it succeeds.

What is Aleo?

Aleo is an L1 blockchain that utilizes Zero Knowledge technology. The project has secured approximately $298 million in funding from notable sources, including a16zcrypto , Coinbase Ventures, Polychain Capital, Variant, and other funds. The team has delayed the mainnet launch to January 2024. During this year, the project has seen relatively limited activity, except for the Ambassador program on Discord, node operations, and contract deployment. A few months ago, they initiated Aleo Testnet 3, and they are now starting to develop various dApps where users will be involved in various activities.

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