What is Metamask
MetaMask is one of the most widely used crypto wallets, with over 30 million monthly active users.
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1. Of course, the first step is to download Metamask, for those who have not done so so far - here!
2. Create our own wallet! Please,  keep your recovery phrase safe and secure!
3. Deposit or buy some tokens. MetaMask supports ETH purchases using credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and bank transfers.
4. Go to Portfolio and interact with different features
5. Use the MetaMask Swap feature to swap different tokens

In MetaMask, click on "Swap" and make some transactions. Since ConsenSys primarily focuses on the Ethereum product suite, it's recommended to swap some ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum mainnet. However, we can also try swapping on Arbitrum and other networks for lower gas fees.
6. Use the MetaMask Bridge to transfer tokens across networks

The MetaMask bridge is a built-in feature allowing we to transfer tokens from one blockchain to another. Currently, we can bridge between Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Optimism, and Avalanche. It's recommended to do multiple transactions to maximize your eligibility.
7. Use the MetaMask Staking feature

MetaMask has a new built-in staking feature through third-party platforms Lido and Rocket Pool. We can try doing this when ETH gas fees are lowest. Currently, there is no minimum when staking through Lido and a 0.1 ETH minimum when selecting Rocket Pool.
8. Buy Crypto With Fiat

MetaMask's portfolio has a "Buy" page where you can purchase cryptocurrency with fiat money from dozens of countries. The company has a variety of local currency payment options, but keep in mind that commissions can be high because the company uses third-party providers. This can improve your chances, but only do what you can afford.
9. Use Top Ethereum dApps
We can connect our MetaMask wallet to some of the most popular Ethereum dApps. By increasing our number of MetaMask transactions and completing on-chain activities like swapping tokens and providing liquidity, we might improve our chances of getting in the snapshot to potentially qualify for the $MASK airdrop. We also recommend not forgetting Linea, which is blockhain on Layer-2, and also has a chance for a potential Airdrop, as ConsensysSys is the developer for both projects, so thanks to activity here you can perform activity for both Linea and Metamask at once. More about Linea Airdrop you can find in our article β€œLinea is bigger than zkSync and Arbitrium?”
List of Top Ethereum dApps:
1) Uniswap
2) SushiSwap
3) Lido
5) Balancer
You can also check another Top Ethereum dApps on the dAppRadar!
10. Donate to MetaMask via Gitcoin

ConsenSys, the creators of MetaMask, are heavily connected to Gitcoin. It might help your odds of an airdrop if you send MetaMask a tip on Gitcoin and donate to any other grants that you like. This could increase your odds because in the past, other Ethereum projects have made a Gitcoin grant donation as criteria for a token airdrop. To make donations, you will need to quickly create a Gitcoin account.

Some tips:
1. Use MetaMask consistently over time. Ideally, every month.
2. Make transactions when gas fees are least expensive. You can use this free gas fee checker.
3. You can also reduce fees by using cheaper networks. Arbitrum and BNB for example have lower fees than Ethereum.

Metamask airdrop?

Well, let's understand if this is a myth or if we should expect Airdrop from our favorite Metamask wallet!

First of all, for those who don't know what Metamask is. MetaMask is one of the most widely used crypto wallets, with over 30 million monthly active users. Since its launch in 2016, MetaMask has confirmed an upcoming token launch. So there is wide speculation that there may be a MetaMask token airdrop, and that using MetaMask you make you eligible for the airdrop. Although most of us use the app, there are other features we recommend using to put you in a better position for their airdrop. Here’s our guide on how to position yourself for a potential MetaMask ($MASK) Token Airdrop.

Okay, but now closer to the point, whether myth or reality - Metamask airdrop?

Many people have been making theories for 2 years now after ConsensysSys CEO and part-time Metamask CO-founder Joseph Lubin hinted in 2021 on his Twitter about a possible ticker for a Metamask token. Later in 2022, Joseph confirmed his intention to create his own token! But it's been 2 years now and there's no word, so are our hopes empty after all? Now let's remember TrustWallet Airdrop, which gave away millions of dollars worth of tokens in 2020, so cryptocurrency is a world where everything can happen suddenly and it's not a good idea to stop believing, especially ConsensysSys has raised a huge amount of money - $450 million, which may mean that the developers will decide to please their users with a cool Airdrop!

Now let's move on to how we can take part in a potential Metamask airdrop!

Take note: if you are going to make a lot of accounts, we advise you to buy proxies from us!

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