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Introducing the best crypto tools for earning yield on your Bitcoin while maintaining custody. Say goodbye to the expensive fiat-to-BTC stacking method and start stacking more sats using your existing ones. Never be left in the dark about your bitcoin again. At Atomic.Finance, transparency is our priority. We believe in empowering you to take control of your own Bitcoin without relying on third parties. Our non-custodial platform offers a one-click yield experience that leverages backtesting, ensuring transparent and effective strategies. No need to analyze markets yourself, our recurring strategies based on historical data will simplify the decision-making process. In addition to covered calls, we are now introducing recurring strategies focused on short puts, aligning with our users' bullish sentiments. Trust the expertise of our crypto trading experts and make use of the best crypto trading, analysis, charting, research, investigation, and monitoring tools available in the market.
Track progress
Get rewards

You gain access to your personal cabinet where you can monitor the addition of new airdrops and auto completion of all the necessary tasks for them.


We complete all the tasks on your behalf, including creating your personal Burner wallet for you and social profiles. Just relax and enjoy your rewards.


Receive your airdrop tokens
in your personally created wallet,
Withdraw them any time you wish.
*Please be advised that some airdrops may require KYC to be passed in order to proceed. That is why, we kindly ask you not to create more than one account on Cryptoset.


Select your preferred subscription

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Join the new era. Earn crypto effortlessly. Don’t miss any airdrops from now.

Includes at least 30 unique airdrops per month
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