What is ZetaChain
ZetaChain is a layer-1 blockchain with native connectivity to all blockchain networks and their associated applications.
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How to be eligible for a potential ZetaChain Airdrop?

The most promising way to potentially receive a future $ZETA airdrop is by actively engaging with their incentivized testnets. By completing various tasks on these testnets, you can accumulate ZETA points, which are likely to be converted into airdrop rewards once the token is officially launched. Here's a step-by-step guide to participate: To qualify for a potential ZetaChain airdrop, you must take part in the ZetaChain Testnet. Your interactions on the testnet will earn you Zeta Points. These points serve as a measure of community members' contributions and progress within ZetaLabs. The system is designed to encourage feedback on the product/protocol and reporting of any issues to assist the team in maintaining an updated network.

Step-by-step guide
  1. Sign In ZetaChain Testnet with Twitter

  2. Connect Your MetaMask Wallet

  3. Request Testnet ZETA on ZetaChain

  4. Swap tokens(We can swap now between  Goerli, BSC Testnet, Polygon Mumbai and Bitcoin Testnet networks, do 1 swap in 7 days and get 7000 ponts!)

  5. Refer Your Friends with Invite Link, what you can get from page “Earn ZETA Points”

  6. Claim the Zeta Supporter Discord role in the ZetaChain Guild

  7. Complete an Omnichain ZETA-USDT swap. 

  8. Visit the Zetachain Swap page.

  9. Connect both your Twitter and Metamask accounts (ensure you're on the Goerli Test Network).

  10. Request testnet $ZETA tokens.

  11. Switch to the Polygon Mumbai Testnet

  12. Exchange 3 $Zeta tokens from the Polygon Mumbai Testnet to the Goerli Test Network.

  13. Finally, click on "Claim and mint your NFT."

  14. Claim the ZETA Beta Tester role

  15. Complete swaps on the Galxe campaign

  16. Claim the ZETA Assimilated role

ZetaChain potential Airdrop Guide!

What is ZetaChain?

ZetaChain is a layer-1 blockchain with native connectivity to all blockchain networks and their associated applications. It functions as a smart contract platform capable of managing assets, data, and liquidity across various blockchains, including non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Recently, the project announced a successful funding round of US$27 million from investors such as Blockchain.com and Human Capital, aimed at expediting their mission to provide the first publicly accessible EVM-compatible layer-1 blockchain. Although still in the testing phase, ZetaChain holds significant promise for the future. One of its key advantages is the facilitation of omnichain decentralized applications (odApps), allowing them to access and utilize information and liquidity from multiple blockchains simultaneously. To simplify interactions, ZetaChain has introduced the ZetaChain Swap App, a dedicated application enabling users to transfer assets seamlessly between interconnected blockchains without the need for complex token wrapping or locking processes. Transactions can be completed in a single step. ZetaChain was designed as a blockchain platform to enhance data security and transparency in various industries, including finance, healthcare, logistics, and more. It places a strong emphasis on transaction reliability and speed. Moreover, the platform accommodates various blockchain technologies, encompassing both private and public blockchains. ZetaChain introduces its own token, ZETA, which serves purposes such as ensuring data security, executing various transactions, and conducting operations within the system.

What about a token from ZetaChain?

ZetaChain's whitepaper has outlined the existence of a $ZETA token, which will serve various purposes, including covering gas fees, securing the proof-of-stake blockchain, and facilitating cross-chain transfers, swaps, and messaging. Furthermore, $ZETA will be introduced organically across multiple layers and blockchain networks. Presently, ZetaChain has not released detailed information about its tokenomics or formally declared an airdrop program. However, the fact that its testnet offers incentives typically suggests the possibility of an airdrop for its users. Some have also taken notice that ZetaChain now has a presence on CoinMarketCap, leading to speculation that the launch of the $ZETA token may be imminent.

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