What is Voltz
Voltz is a non-custodial automated market maker (AMM) designed for interest rate swaps (IRS).
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1. Set up Metamask on the Kovan testnet via ChainList.

2. Visit the Faucet and obtain test tokens.

3. Go to Uniswap, connect Metamask, and exchange ETH for USDC.

4. Open Voltz and link it to your Metamask wallet.

5. Choose the first USDC pool and click "Trade."

6. Select "Variable," input the amount of USDC, and confirm.

7. Repeat the same process with the other two pools.

8. Navigate to the "Liquidity Provide" tab and select "Provide Liquidity."

9. Enter the values as shown in the screenshot, approve, and confirm the transaction. Repeat this for the other two pools.

10. Go to the "Provide Liquidity" tab, choose "POSITIONS," and take a screenshot of your positions.

11. In the "Traders" tab, select "PORTFOLIO" and take a screenshot of your positions.

12. Join the Discord channel in the #testnet section, upload these two screenshots, and provide detailed feedback on your platform usage experience. Don't forget to include your Metamask wallet address.

Voltz Airdrop Guide

What is Voltz?

Voltz is a non-custodial automated market maker (AMM) designed for interest rate swaps (IRS). Unlike traditional AMMs where assets are moved into a liquidity pool, Voltz utilizes a virtual AMM with concentrated liquidity (vAMM) solely for price determination. The management of underlying assets is handled externally through the Margin Engine. The Margin Engine effectively determines the leverage available to traders and liquidity providers and manages the protocol's collateral. This combined functionality significantly enhances capital efficiency, increasing it by 3000 times compared to alternative interest rate swap models. It also provides liquidity providers and traders with substantial control over their positions.

What about investors?

Voltz recently secured a $6 million investment, led by Framework Ventures, a prominent player in the field. The funding round also saw participation from Fabric Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Amber Group, Wintermute, Robot Ventures, Mgnr, Entrepreneur First, Backed, NEMO, as well as business angels including Stani from Aave, Kain from Synthetix, Julian Koch from Ribbon, and more.

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