What is Synonym
We're thrilled to have you here for the inaugural testing phase of Synonym. It's time to dive in, break things, give feedback, and earn $SYNO rewards.
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Step 1: Social Quest
  1. Sign in to your Galxe account with your preferred wallet.

  2. Complete tasks for the Synonym Syndicate | Social campaign on Galxe

  3. Upon completion, gain a dedicated Syndicate role in our Discord.

Step 2: On-Chain Testing Quest:
  1. Start on Arbitrum for our testnet quests. Get Goerli ETH from faucet.

  2. Mint Optimism Goerli ETH.

  3. Mint Ethereum Goerli ETH

  4. Convert some Goerli ETH to wETH using Uniswap on Arbitrum Goerli Network.

  5. Follow steps outlined on our testnet page to deposit wETH into Synonym and borrow USDC against it.

Note: Focusing on Arbitrum Goerli for tasks is recommended. Engagement with other chains is rewarded but not mandatory.

Step 3: Provide Feedback

After testing, share your insights through our feedback form on Galxe. Detailed, thoughtful feedback is crucial for eligibility; generic or spam responses won't qualify.

Comprehensive Manual for Synonym Testnet 

We're thrilled to have you here for the inaugural testing phase of Synonym. It's time to dive in, break things, give feedback, and earn $SYNO rewards. This guide is your go-to for maximizing your participation in our testnet program, covering both social engagement and on-chain activities. Let's get started!

What is Synonym?

Synonym stands as a cross-chain money market utilizing Wormhole xChain technology, designed by power users for power users. Its unique offering enables genuine cross-chain collateralization and flexibility, setting it apart from existing lending systems. Born from a distinctive DAO merger with New Order DAO, Synonym gains a network, community, and resource advantage from day one. Our roadmap includes diversifying into products leveraging partners like Redacted and Y2K Finance. Ultimately, Synonym aims to be the leading platform for cross-chain lending across major L2 rollups, app-chains, and L3s.

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