What is LogX
LogX operates as a decentralized exchange dedicated to perpetual trading with aggregated liquidity.
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Step 1: Connect your Wallet to LogX
  1. Visit the Airdrop page

  2. Click 'Sign in' at the top

  3. Connect your Metamask Wallet

Step 2: Initiate Trading on LogX Future
  1. Visit the Futures page and connect using the Arbitrum wallet

  2. Open a position on BTC with your chosen collateral token.

  3. Opt for LONG or SHORT based on your prediction

  4. Choose Leverage cautiously, avoiding excessive risk (Stay below 5x)

  5. Approve and execute the future trade

  6. Maintain the position for 45–60 seconds

Step 3: Close the Position after 45 seconds
  1. Scroll down and select Positions

  2. Click the Close Button and follow through

  3. Choose Max (100%)

  4. Confirm to close the position

Step 4: Check Earned Points;
  1. Navigate to the Reward Section to view earned points

Note: Allow 24 hours for points to reflect on the Reward Dashboard

Step 5: Add LP on the LogX Platform;
  1. Visit the Liquidity page and connect your Wallet

  2. Click Buy/Sell LLP option

  3. Under Buy, input the amount of USDC to convert to LLP (minimum $30). Advice: If you lack USDC.e, trade on Izumi Finance

  4. Once USDC.e is acquired, Click Buy LLP and Confirm in the wallet!

  5. After obtaining LLP, Stake LLP and Confirm in the wallet!!

  6. If desired, sell the LLP after completing the quest by visiting the SELL section.

  7. Additionally, you'll receive 30 Gems on LogX.

  8. Visit Liquidity page again

  9. Begin Staking

LogX Airdrop Guide

What Is LogX?

LogX operates as a decentralized exchange dedicated to perpetual trading with aggregated liquidity. The LogX Aggregator seamlessly integrates liquidity from multiple platforms to offer users optimal trading conditions, featuring low fees and high liquidity for an enhanced trading experience.

What About Investors?

LogX has successfully raised a substantial $7 million in funding, enjoying strong support from an impressive lineup of top-tier investors. Noteworthy backers include Coinbase Ventures, Sequoia, HASHED EMERGENT, and several other influential names, highlighting the widespread confidence in LogX's potential and innovation in the decentralized exchange space.

What About LogX Airdrop?

The airdrop rewards initiative for $LOGX revolves around the accumulation of "Log points," earned through various tasks on the LogX platform. The higher the number of Log points you accrue, the greater the number of future $LOGX token airdrops you are eligible to receive.

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