What is Lamina1
Lamina1 is a layer-1 blockchain designed specifically for the Open Metaverse, and it is constructed as a fork of the Avalanche blockchain.
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Step 1: Generate a Lamina1 Wallet:

Visit the Lamina1 Web Portal to initiate the creation of a new L1 Wallet. During this process, generate a key phrase and be sure to securely store it.

Upon the wallet's successful creation, you will be directed to your portfolio page. At the upper right corner of the screen, you will find your X-Chain, P-Chain, and C-Chain wallet addresses, along with QR codes for each.

  • The X-Chain address is used for receiving funds.

  • The P-Chain address is intended for receiving staking rewards and facilitating cross-chain transfers.

  • The C-Chain address is designed for interactions with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Step 2: Integrate the Lamina1 Testnet into your MetaMask:

Proceed to the Faucet page and locate the "Add Subnet to MetaMask" option at the bottom. By clicking this, you will conveniently add the Lamina1 Testnet network to your MetaMask wallet.

Step 3: Acquire Testnet $L1 Tokens through MetaMask:

On the Faucet page, paste your MetaMask address and request 2 L1.

Step 4: Obtain Testnet $L1 Tokens using a C-Chain address:

Paste your Lamina1 C-Chain wallet address and request 2 L1.

Note: The C-Chain can only be used to claim test tokens, because the faucet is only compatible with Ethereum-based wallet clients.

Step 5: Fulfill tasks on Zealy:

Complete the assignments provided on Zealy to attain the "Testnet" role. This designation helps Lamina1 monitor your involvement. Those who actively participate by accumulating XP on Crew3 will be eligible for an End-of-Testnet Giveaway!

Step 6: Configure a Node for the platform:

You can also set up a node and run it on the Lamina1 primary network.

Guide for Lamina1 Airdrop!

What is Lamina1?

Lamina1 is a layer-1 blockchain designed specifically for the Open Metaverse, and it is constructed as a fork of the Avalanche blockchain. This platform offers a versatile framework for developers to create digital assets, with a focus on supporting content creators' requirements. Notably, Lamina1 has co-founders with significant backgrounds, including Peter Vessenes, a co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, and Neal Stephenson, an award-winning author who coined the term "Metaverse." There have been hints on Discord that Lamina1 may consider conducting a token airdrop for the community. In this article, we will provide a brief overview of what Lamina1 represents and offer insights into how you can position yourself for the potential airdrop.

Does Lamina1 Have a Token?

Lamina1 has introduced its native token, denoted as $L1. This token serves as a finite and limited asset, primarily utilized for covering transaction fees and ensuring the platform's security via a proof-of-stake mechanism. Within the blockchain, it serves as the fundamental unit of account across various Subnets, with one nL1 being equivalent to 0.000000001 L1.

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