What is Friend.Tech
Friend.Tech is a platform where users can trade "shares" representing individuals within the community.
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Step 1: Getting the App

To kickstart your journey with Friend.tech, follow these steps:

  1. Open your mobile browser and visit Friend.Tech

  2. While on the website, add it to your home screen. This creates a quick-access shortcut to the platform.

Step 2: Acquiring an Access Code

Currently, Friend.tech operates as an invite-only platform, meaning you'll need access codes for registration. Thankfully, there are several ways to obtain them:

  • Friend Referrals: Every registered user has six access codes they can share with friends, allowing them to sign up and join the platform.

  • Direct from friend.tech: The friend.tech team has occasionally released access codes on their Twitter account. Keep an eye out for these codes.

  • Twitter Hunt: Another effective strategy is searching Twitter for access codes. Look for terms like "friendtech invite" or "friendtech codes," and filter the results by "Latest." You can often find unused access codes this way, especially from influencers who have multiple codes to distribute.

Step 3: Link Your Twitter Account
Once your access code is confirmed, it's necessary to link your Twitter profile to friend.tech. This linked Twitter account will also be your username within the friend.tech platform.
Step 4: Transfer Some ETH To Your Wallet
To complete the setup, send any amount of Ethereum (ETH) to your friend.tech wallet. This is crucial for trading shares on the app. Keep in mind that sending the coin on the Base network is vital for proper reflection within the app.
Step 5: Enjoy the App!
Once you've successfully sent your ETH, the app becomes accessible. This grants you the ability to trade shares and engage in conversations with users whose shares you've acquired. With these steps done, you're all set to make trades or patiently await the release of airdrop criteria from the team.

Friend.Tech Airdrop Guide!

What is Friend.Tech?

If you've been following Coinbase's Layer 2 chain, Base, you've probably heard about the buzz surrounding a new crypto social app that's making waves on Crypto Twitter: friend.tech. This app, built on Base, acts as a platform where users can trade "shares" representing individuals within the community. These shares, once acquired, grant the holder the ability to have private one-on-one conversations with the corresponding users. For instance, having a share linked to a Crypto Twitter personality XXX gives the holder the privilege of engaging in a direct private chat.

Many users see the trading of these shares as a form of speculation, particularly involving social tokens. It essentially boils down to either "longing" or "shorting" crypto personalities based on their actions or the value they provide to the holders of their associated shares.

If that's the case, the crypto community's interest in speculation may have played a part in the app's rapid rise in popularity. In just under a week since its launch, it has generated nearly 7,000 ETH in trading volume and has captured the attention of more than 22,000 unique users.

However, if there's one thing that excites crypto enthusiasts as much as speculation, it's the prospect of airdrops.

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