What is Eclipse Labs
Eclipse is a next-generation layer 2 platform on Ethereum powered by the Solana Virtual Machine (SVM).
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Eclipse Labs

Step 1: Download Wallet
  1. Visit Eclipse Lab Github.

  2. Install "build-extension" first.

  3. Extract the zip file.

  4. In your browser's search bar, type chrome://extensions.

  5. Open your browser in developer mode.

  6. Drag and drop the unzipped file to your browser.

  7. Create a wallet.

Step 2: Configure your Salmon wallet
  1. Launch the installed extension using your web browser.

  2. Select "Create an account."

  3. Save and confirm your seed phrase

  4. Make up a password

  5. Use the Eclipse Testnet instead.

Step 3: Download Metamask (skip this step if installed)
  1. Visit Chrome Extensions Store

  2. Install Metamask wallet

  3. Set up a wallet

Step 4: Proceed to Sepolia $ETH faucet
  1. Visit Faucet and sign in.

  2. Put in your address for Metamask.

  3. Request ETH

Important Note: To use this faucet, you should have at least 0.001 ETH on a wallet balance.
Step 5: Bridge $ETH
  1. Go to bridge and connect your Metamask wallet.

  2. Adjust the amount to bridge as needed.

  3. Enter your Eclipse Testnet address.

  4. Click on “Bridge” and confirm in your wallet. 

Step 6: Openbook
  1. Visit openbook and connect your Salmon wallet.

  2. Proceed to “Airdrop” Section. 

Step 7: Token Mint
  1. While being on Openbook page click on “Create faucet” if desired.

  2. Click on “Mint” and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Step 8: Clone markets
  1. Visit Markets and connect your wallet.

  2. Request Testnet USD from the faucet.

  3. Exchange testUSD for one of the available tokens. 

Step 9: Swap
  1. Visit Invariant and connect your Salmon wallet.

  2. Switch to Testnet.

  3. Request tokens from the faucet.

  4. Swap $USDC for $BTC.

Step 10: Add liquidity to Invariant
  1. While being on Invariant webpage click on “Add Position”.

  2. Select $USDC and $BTC and type in the amount of tokens.

  3. Add liquidity.

What is Eclipse

Eclipse is a next-generation layer 2 platform on Ethereum powered by the Solana Virtual Machine (SVM). Eclipse Mainnet combines speed, scalability, and security by combining Ethereum's settlement capabilities with the SVM's high performance. It uses ETH as its gas token and Ethereum for settlement in order to improve transaction processing speed while maintaining compatibility and security. 

Eclipse was created to address Ethereum's scalability issues. It aims to increase transaction capacity without compromising security or decentralization by utilizing RISC Zero for zero-knowledge proofs and Celestia for data availability. Because of its adaptable architecture, which streamlines transactions and boosts productivity for both developers and users, it can handle a broad range of applications.

Eclipse Mainnet aims to reinvent user and developer interaction inside blockchain ecosystems, going beyond simple technological advancements. It surpasses the challenges of application-specific rollups by providing huge scalability and parallel execution capabilities, hoping to achieve widespread adoption and promoting a new generation of blockchain development with efficient state growth management, robust EVM compatibility, and optimized fees.

By combining multiple technologies, Eclipse Mainnet creates a best-in-class modular stack that enhances the blockchain experience for users and developers alike. This is an explanation of how it uses this modular strategy to accomplish its objectives.

Eclipse Testnet

Over $60 million in investments has been raised for Eclipse by top investors, including Delphi Digital, Polychain Capital, Polygon Ventures, and others.

At the moment Testnet is available for all the users. Follow steps from this guide here to participate in all the available activities and become eligible for rewards. The mainnet of the project is planned for the 2nd quarter of 2024, so hurry up to take part in a testnet while it is still available.
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