What is Black Panther Finance
Black Panther Finance is a platform designed to enhance the profitability of your digital assets. It achieves this through the utilization of intelligent algorithms that autonomously engage in various trading strategies on your behalf.
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Black Panther Finance Airdrop Guide

What Is Black Panther Finance?

Black Panther Finance is a platform designed to enhance the profitability of your digital assets. It achieves this through the utilization of intelligent algorithms that autonomously engage in various trading strategies on your behalf. These strategies include grid trading, where currencies are bought and sold within a specific price range, trend following, which involves trading based on price movement direction, and AI-powered methods that leverage artificial intelligence for optimal trading opportunities. The platform offers a range of vaults, each with varying levels of risk and reward, allowing users to choose the one that aligns with their preferences. Additionally, participants can earn extra income by enrolling in special programs that provide rewards for utilizing Black Panther Finance. All it takes is depositing your assets into the designated vaults and letting the platform handle the trading on your behalf.

What About Airdrop?

Black Panther Finance has officially announced an upcoming airdrop, with a dedicated section on their website for this purpose. The team has affirmed their intention to distribute $POINT tokens on the Injective mainnet. These tokens serve as a means to unlock rewards once the $BLACK token is introduced, providing an avenue for token holders to generate income through Black Panther's protocol.

How To Participate In Black Panther Airdrop?

  1. Establish Profiles and Wallets

  • Create 10 Chrome profiles and install the Keplr extension on each one. Utilize these profiles to generate 10 distinct wallets. It is recommended to maintain a spreadsheet to track all wallet addresses and transaction details.

  1. Deposit $INJ

  • Transfer $INJ tokens into your primary Keplr wallet. Acquire $INJ tokens from centralized exchanges like Bybit.

  1. Distribute $INJ

  • Send equal amounts of $INJ to each of the 10 wallets, allocating approximately 6 $INJ per wallet. Update your spreadsheet to ensure accurate record-keeping of fund movements.

  1. Stake $INJ

  • Connect your wallet to the Injective Hub and locate the "Black Panther | Delegate for Claimdrop" validator. Click "Delegate Now" and proceed with delegation. Stake around 3 $INJ with the Black Panther validator. Repeat this process for each Chrome profile.

  1. Complete Galxe Quests

Note: To claim the OAT, use Avalanche. Ensure you have $AVAX in your Metamask wallet to cover gas fees. If withdrawing from an exchange to your Metamask, do so through AVAX C-chain.

  1. Engage with Black Panther Mainnet

  • Navigate to the Vault. Explore the three featured vaults offering various strategies: Real Yield, Trend Following, and Market Making. Deposit funds into these vaults for the potential to earn passive income.

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