What is Affine DeFi
Affine DeFi is a decentralized finance (DeFi) income aggregation protocol, dedicated to providing users with the best stable and sustainable DeFi income through algorithm optimization.
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Affine DeFi

Steps: Option 1 - Provide Liquidity
  1. Visit Affiline and Connect your wallet 

  2. Stake liquidity on the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

Right now, there is only $2.37 million in liquidity added to pools, so even with $1-2k investment, you can earn points.

Steps: Option 2 - Buy NFT
  1. Go to Affilines Opensea and browse the available NFTs.

  2. NFTs are currently priced at around $20. The more NFTs you buy, the more points you get. The optimal number is 4 NFTs per single account.

From the current perspective, the project is unlikely to bring some significant profits, but the early participants may get well rewarded. The project is definitely worth joining, especially since the time commitment to become eligible is minimal.

Important note: always keep in mind the possible risks. Since the Affine protocol operates with DEXes, there is a risk of hacking both their own protocol and the protocol in which they manage liquidity. Consider this fact before and don't put all the eggs in one basket.

Affine DeFi overview

Affine DeFi is a decentralized finance (DeFi) income aggregation protocol, dedicated to providing users with the best stable and sustainable DeFi income through algorithm optimization. Founded in 2021 by a group of blockchain technology experts and product managers, the protocol provides services for automating farming, thereby allowing for increased profitability. Affine allows users to invest in multiple assets simultaneously, including yield-generating DeFi protocols. By providing diversified exposure to different assets, the user’s return is a weighted average of the returns generated by the underlying assets.

Rumors about a potential Airdrop

In 2023, despite the bear market, they managed to attract $12.1 million in investments from Jump Crypto, Coinbase, Circle, FJ Labs, AlphaLab Capital, Dexterity Capital and others. The fact of financing by such widely known investors is definitely a good sign as there should be something they saw to be perspective.

There are some rumors around the Internet suggesting that an Airdrop is highly possible once they launch their own token. Moreover, there is a points farming program going right now joining which, you confirm you are an early user who is a eligible for a potential airdrop.

Hope this guide was useful to you and participation will end up with some great rewards. For more guides like this please make sure to check other articles on Cryptoset.gg
Good luck!

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